Friday, November 30, 2012

Nazis, Muslims, Americans and Repetition [Cause and Effect]

John makes clear how Abba, Father reacts to what we do against...ISRAEL
I think this is by far the most in line with what YAHWEH showed to me concerning how HE LOVES ISRAEL......The church must, absolutely must, come to understand this or the church will fall.....

  As America Has Done To Israel Promo - Pt.1 from John McTernan on Vimeo.
As America Has Done to Israel Promo - Pt.2 from John McTernan on Vimeo.

The New York Nazis - Part 1 from John McTernan on Vimeo.

God does everything in patterns......if you repeat the antisemitic hatred of the Jews and Israel represented by John his book
God will respond, with how he always responds. He tosses that nation under the bus and into the history books!

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