Saturday, November 10, 2012

My kids are paying attention, who knew?

I have been trying to explain to my two sons what is different about how I understand the Bible since 2007. For several years they both have felt as though I was telling them that what they knew about the Bible is wrong and so they have resisted me. Imagine my surprise when they both began to share with me how satanic worship is found in sports, music, especially rap music and how the signs of witchcraft and the occult are taking over almost every form of entertainment in America, I was floored! I listened to them share what they both knew about the occult and its influence among young people. They both agreed that Christianity, in their eyes is being judged for not standing up for the things of God in our nation. Neither son attends a church for this reason. Both think the music industry is lips hit the ground, I was flabbergast. Both of my boys have been reading my blog and watching the things that I have sent to them. Both expressed that if God is going to destroy everything, what is the point? I shared with them that this is not true, never has been.

I explained my position in this way especially to our oldest son who loves cars:

Imagine I bring over to your house a new car and I want to show it to you, let you drive it and just check it out. I am not trying to change your opinion about what you think about my car or pour into you a bias about why this particular car. I am honestly just trying to show it to you. Now imagine God gave to me this car and I am trying to show the car and explain that God dropped it into my driveway one day.

My son said, "Oh, so your just trying to show us what God gave to you?" I said yes..........
He continued  Dad, I thought that you were telling me that I had to know this or I was not going to make it    into heaven.....

I asked, If Jesus (Yeshua)  is coming here who will be in heaven. This started a whole other conversation and both of my sons sat and listened...Now they are eager to hear more! My older son has lived in Japan for 4 years with his wife and daughter. They are relocating to Arkansas for his next military assignment. Communicating face to face does have its advantages. Granted, they both have faith but lack the relationship with Abba, Father that He outlines in his word. I will continue to intercede on behalf of the name sake of our Great God.

My boys have been talking about what I write about, the Illuminati, Free Mason and various conspiracy stuff for several years now. I had no idea. I did explain to them that all of that stuff is occurring under the watchful eye of our coming King and that they should be more concerned about what he is doing.

I began to share with my boys the Festivals of the Lord and how they are peppered throughout scripture. This got both of their attention....They could actually see the patterns and are understanding that the festivals are prophecy. Both of my sons expressed that the re-election of Barack Obama is, in their words, "A very bad thing for America!" On this point, we could not agree more!

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