Monday, November 12, 2012

Just as Paul was returned to a Proper Biblical concept so too, are the Gentiles

And...Israel will cry out for the Lord, the 1st fruit of Israel. Make no mistake about it! It is at this time that the full redemption of Israel will take place.

Okay, how do I say what I am thinking? Well, here goes....2007 I had an encounter with Yahweh who showed to me how he sees Israel. In what I call, "Faster than a Nano Second" He showed to me HOW the 
Old Testament is about Israel leading the nations into the knowledge of why we all exist. This is why the Bible is written by the Jews, to the Jews, and for the Jews. This is why all of the "Leaders" such as Abraham, David, Moses, Yeshua, & Paul were all Jewish, etc, etc. If you hold up a Bible at anytime in your life you prove that Abba, Father, delivered a message to you through...the Jews despite of their failures, and ours!
They have always been "Set Apart" designated to hear and do or do and then hear....This process continues. The nation is revived and the plan moves forward so that every promise made to this people is completed.
The culmination of this account is at hand. I have seen New York City destroyed. I have seen virtually every Islamic nation destroyed. I know that God is bringing down the Christian understanding of his word and returning those who are listening back to the original manner that has caused his word to survive for centuries. He is also restoring Israel for the same reason. Men have chosen rulers for centuries, God is about to appoint the Mochiach (Messiah) to rule and reign over his creation in order to bring restoration. 
He is removing the tree of the knowledge of "Good and Evil" His hand is moving because creation is groaning at the hands of men...He is about to relieve us of the responsibility given to men. The United States of America is about to be judged far greater than what is already happening...We continue to choose that which is biblical blasphemy. 

The Jews who are comfortable in the country are about to pay the price for not returning to Israel........No scripture verses here, just sharing what so many of you also know...

Eyes are being opened!
Abba, Father, is preparing to stop us from destroying one another on a scale that men have never witnessed...
He is warning us, power, corruption, greed, child sacrifice, hatred, immorality, religion and every detestable practice of mankind has become like what was before the flood in Noah's day. I continue to see things, dream, dreams, and know a certain dread in my spirit because of what the Master is soon to allow mankind to do....I am not alone. Millions across the spectrum are damn near screaming what God is revealing to a world of believers that are damn near dead!
He weeps for those who are going to the slaughter which will be many of us...over the next few years.

If you think that God is done with Israel you have missed the entire Biblical Narrative!

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