Thursday, November 8, 2012

God is the natural dissaster and "Mother Nature" obeys his every command

I did a more thorough research on this several months ago...I was surprised to see the continuity globally. I am just dealing with the United States with  snippets of info concerning the globe.

Scopes trial evolution verses creation 1925
Natural dissaters
Tri State Tornado
Santa Barbara Earthquake

School Prayer banned 1962
Columbus day storm

Abortion legalized 1973
Mississippi Flood 3rd worst in America history

Oslo accord 1993
Super storm 1993 "Storm of the Century"
Mississippi/Missouri one of the worst floods in US History

America pressures Israel to relinquish GAZA via Olso accord
GAZA: last of 8 Israeli neighborhoods all removed by August 2005
Hurricane Katrina, August 2005

From 1993 to 2001 President Bill Clinton pushed for a Palestinian State exerting enormous pressure on Israel to divide the land
The collapse of the US economy and the division of political parties went into high gear after the collapse of the symbol of our economic strength...Namely the Twin Towers. The transfer of America wealth also went into high gear to China around this time as well.
Justice Roberts ushers in Obama-care

Of note:
Japan vehemently condemns Israel before the United nations concerning building Jewish Neighborhoods in Jerusalem March 11th 2010
Japan enters agreement to rebuild Jericho with Palestinian Authority October, 2011
Japan Earthquake and tsunami March 11th 2011

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