Monday, November 19, 2012

(For the local folks) Put up or do nothing!

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Over 800 missiles have been fired at Israel since Wednesday

4.5 million Israelis are within Hamas' missile range

You ask, "What can I do???"

Come Stand with Israel this Tuesday from 5:00 to 6:00pm

Candlelight Solidarity Vigil on the Plaza at the Federal Building
915 Second Avenue, downtown Seattle

Candlelight Rally

Show our community, show our media, and show Israel that we care. Israel deserves peace and security. Support Israel's right to defend its people from terrorism and Hamas' wave of missiles.

Join StandWithUs Northwest, the American Jewish Committee, the Federation of Greater Seattle and J Street for the Stand With Israel Community Candlelight Solidarity Vigil.

Together we will express our solidarity with Israel and the Israeli soldiers who may soon risk their lives to protect their family, friends and homes. . . 

We will also remember the Israeli civilians who have been killed and wounded by the over 13,000 Hamas missiles that have targeted Israeli children, women and men over the past 12 years.

Please email us at if you can come.
Email or call us at 206.801.0902 if you have questions. 

Bring your umbrellas, raincoats, and your own candles and matches. Dress warmly!! It may be raining here, but remember, in Israel today its raining missiles, not water. We're Washingtonians - we can survive a little rain to express solidarity with Israel.
Please note: Events on the ground are changing rapidly, so check your email before going to the vigil to make sure you have the most recent details and directions. 
Help us make this event meaningful - this Tuesday, November 20 at 5:00pm, let's fill up the plaza in front of the Federal Building on 2nd Avenue between Madison and Marion Streets. Click here for a map.

Please share this email with friends, acquaintances, anyone who supports Israel's right to defend itself and who might be interested in joining us this Tuesday at 5:00pm.

L'Shalom (toward peace),
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Rob Jacobs
Regional Director
StandWithUs Northwest
206.801.0902 (office and fax)

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