Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you Bubbly and Perky as of November 6th, 2012?

Well, it could happen?

Today the electricity for my city was turned off. I thought yesterday, when the water coming through the faucet suddenly turned off that it really is happening, now I am convinced. It will be just a matter of time before I will be found out. I better start thinking about somewhere else to go, can't stay here.

Today I am convinced, our country is gone. No reason to hope for things to go back to normal. Who am I kidding. The war in the Middle East has taken so many lives. The fact that Israel has destroyed so many countries and continues to fight an impossible battle is truly Biblical. North Korea is still burning and the rioting in China is going on now for 6 months or so according to the last thing I heard. I had no idea that Japan had weapons that could turn off the electric grid of an entire nation. I am sure that the Chinese never thought Japan could cause so much devastation before they finally vaporized much of the Island nation. They say the nuclear radiation is moving towards the coast lines of North and South America, both coasts with increasing speed due to several hurricanes that are racing across the Atlantic and Pacific. I wonder if the weather will ever be the same? The last thing that any of us heard about Europe is that it is still burning too.

Damn, its been two years since Iran retaliated with all of the chemical and biological missiles...We all tried to tell the world that they had a lot more weapons of mass destruction then the Obama administration realized. I remember when he won his second term thinking, "Oh My Gosh!" Well, the nation threw itself off a cliff that day and here I am trying to keep a journal ever since. How ironic it all seems now!

Geez, this is worse then any of us imagined. I would give anything to see the sun.The nuclear fall out that spread across our country when New York was destroyed was bad enough. So much death! The food, plants, animals all gone, America, land of the dead. Well, so many of us tried to speak up. It just wasn't meant to be I suppose.

None of us know how long the truce between what is left of Russia and the United States will last. Things are just horrible, horrible! I never thought I would live to see Washington DC, Maryland, and so much of the East Coast destroyed, it happened so fast. Everything that we have feared for so many years is happening. I don't even know how many Americans are left alive. I remember trying to tell all of the Christians that the rapture was not going to happen like we thought...Yeah, we had so much wrong. We all thought Islam was a religion. No one could have known that the Arab Spring was the beginning of an Islamic Third Reich. And to think we paid for the war machine now claiming much of Africa and what is left of Egypt, Chad, Sudan, Spain, Greece and Portugal. They actually have a Caliph of Turkey is hell bent on destroying Israel. Imagine that a caliphate system ruling much of the Dark continent.

Knowing that the Christians are being hunted down and slaughtered on a scale that makes the Holocaust inflicted on Europe looks like a picnic in comparison is, well, what so many of us warned. So much for being caught up in the clouds! America had no idea that the Muslims living in our country were in fact a modern day Trojan Horse. We simply got to comfortable and now, ever since Christianity was outlawed...its just crazy!

It has been several days since I heard from my son. I can only hope that the rest of my family is alive. I have no idea. Like so many of us that are trying to survive this horrible time, one wonders, what for?

I remember when the election of 2012 was held in America, gosh it seems like forever ago. Who would have thought that America would be attacked almost immediately and right after the earthquake that hit much of the West Coast? How is it possible that any of us are alive at all?. The world had never experienced an 11.0 magnitude quake and certainly not one that lasted for 26 minutes. I hope that the cascade range is settling down. All of those volcanoes erupting at once took everybody by surprise. I can't help but to think of all of those souls who headed for the mountains and the national parks...None of them thought the cascade range would blow that much sulfuric gas into the atmosphere. So many dead, its truly shocking

Well, I guess I better pack a few things...can't stay here for much longer, God help us!

PS.I just heard that Russia has launched an all out nuclear attack on Israel........Perhaps our Savior is about to arrive after all. The Feast of Trumpets is tomorrow...Perhaps this will all be over in a few days, I sure hope so.


Roger said...

Looks like the start of a great novel. One that I could never wish to have be real. But, is all too possible.

Jimyou said...

That's about how I see it happening and looks like those earthquakes are etting closer and closer.Can't say when the BIG ONE will hit but it will soon enough.
May Father Abba keep the ones that are following His Torah safe.
God bless you Jeff,

Jim and Angela