Sunday, November 18, 2012

America and Islam, "Blind and Dangerous"

I have met Walid Shobat on several occasions, the first time I think, was in 2008 He was giving a lecture on very much the same thing presented in the following 25 minute video. His perspective is unique on so many levels. Prior to meeting Walid, I used to sit in church wondering, WHY IS THE CHURCH NOT INVOLVED...I know longer wonder about such things. I understand that as long as the word, "Rapture" is fomented into much of American Christianity what is happening that truly blinds us is deception. I am not talking about missing the mark but rather watching our generation, draped in comfort, literally clueless as to what is coming. I understand that in America we have a problem with concepts. We truly do see all that is happening, "Darkly"

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