Monday, November 26, 2012

A Note from Carroll

Carroll Gleason and I have known one another for about 4 years, maybe five. He is a confidant, friend and at times someone who challenges my manner of doing what I do. It is always a good thing to have someone cut to the chase when that is what is needed, Carroll has no reluctance, what so ever in this regard.

I have asked him to produce the project. 

Carroll wrote the following: 

Since coming to an understanding about our Hebraic Roots as followers of Yeshua, it has been strongly impressed upon me the importance of getting this message “broadcast” to the church. Knowing that we are living in a time which is escalating to the end of this age as we know it, and the return of Messiah to establish His Kingdom on earth, it becomes increasingly more evident the urgency of getting the word spread. This has left me in the quandary to know how one goes about accomplishing this. Jeff, I believe one way this can be effective is with the project you envision concerning a round table discussion by those who have been impacted by the understanding of Torah. 

To produce video of such a discussion for distribution to a broad audience can be effective in letting many know the importance of following the ways of the Lord as clearly stated in the scriptures. 

As one who produces video I see the way to accomplish this in an effective manner, utilizing minimal facility and equipment. I certainly support this concept of yours and am on board to use my skills and what levels of expertise I may have to achieve this goal. What’s most important is getting the message delivered in a manner that is professional without the need for a huge budget. Count me in on this project and pray for guidance in the process of selection for those whom God chooses to deliver His Word.
Please consider a financial gift to help offset the cost of producing 
"Back to Breisheet" A Round Table Discussion "
Thank you

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