Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Time To Be Still

I have pulled back from the manner in which I have been doing things.....Not because of a failure or lack of insight but rather because my spirit is in turmoil about being the servant to the coming kingdom that is soon to be announced via Messiah. Insofar as many Jewish people do not see the 2nd return and many Christians do not see the JEWISH King...I realize that this is the hand of Elohim that
causes this partial blindness in both camps. I think that God is pulling folks (like me) out of this blind spot for reasons that he will continue to reveal. My spirit keeps telling me to study, study, study...and so far I am being directed to the Book of Joshua for months now.........

I am also hearing in my spirit to practice humility not due to the lack of it but rather because this is quintessential in mimicking YHWH. In everything, he presented to a fallen man his humility in the very restoration of the nations and Israel. He is presenting to creation, all of creation an opportunity to return to what HE is doing....

This is bigger than making any one point or descending into right or wrong bickering.......

I changed my page and am relocating my thoughts back to why Abba showed to me [what I now know and continue to learn] in the first place.
The Christian has a piece of what God has poured into the Gentiles and the Jewish people are soon to experience possibly the most amazing miracle of miracles.

Our enthusiasm should be in what we see happening and not in dissecting what we see happening. Echad means one......How can we become one if we overlook the Humility of Our God who is one. I am seeking the favor of Abba, Father not the correction.........time to be still

Many, many blessings to all of you

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