Monday, July 9, 2012

Inner Musings and Thoughts of a Wayfarer…

Mr. Carroll Gleason

If memory serves me correctly the year was 1962 during the summer months. That would have been the 22nd year of my life when I was head over heels in love with the most gorgeous girl a guy could hope to be in relationship with. Romance was in the air and the only thoughts on my mind were of her. Of course marriage was the ultimate goal in this liaison and that was the direction we were headed – or so it seemed.

Life can take unexpected turns and the bond that had developed went south while I remained north. As is often the case we floundered back and forth, me hoping to regain the footing I previously had for a brief period of time. This was a period of emotional turmoil, which you no doubt have experienced yourself. One day would find me in the realms where angels fly about and suddenly land abruptly on earth, head hanging down as I tripped over my lower lip.

One particular day I was hopelessly expecting a phone call from the love of my life and I anxiously awaited by the phone. The time for the call to come was past and I continued waiting and hoping to hear the voice of my angel. Anxiety was knotting my stomach and agitation vexed my emotions. “Why hasn’t she called?” This was driving me nuts and the more time past by the more agitated I became. For some reason the thought came to mind, “Carroll, get a grip.” I silently said a simple prayer, “Father, I need your peace.” Instantly peace came over me, my troubled mind was at rest, my emotions calmed down and I was able to leave the house and give no further thought to the ‘hoped for’ phone call.

That day made a memorable impact in my life for that was the first time that I was cognizant of the peace that comes from the Father above. That doesn’t mean I never again became anxious about matters, but I knew that I could attain peace in any given situation. Looking back on that experience I realize that it wasn’t something “earth-shattering”, but it was huge in my life at that time.

Over the years since then I have learned to be at peace in times of turmoil, times when it is “normal” to worry and fret. But worry accomplishes nothing except anxiety because there’s nothing we can do about the next moment. Usually we worry, fret, stew over things we have no control over to begin with. There was nothing I could do to make my love call me, so it wasn’t worth the anxiety I created. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” The peace that comes from above goes beyond our understanding. Peace can be attained in the biggest storms of life, which rage all about us. But like the bird in its nest, protecting the chicks during the storm, there is peace.

May you have peace this day, my friend. Shalom

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