Sunday, June 10, 2012

We report, you decide?

Every time that I set myself down to catch up on the latest news reports or headlines I almost always am looking for the things that line up to Biblical "end time" stuff. Of course, I don't see anything ending but rather beginning. That is to say, the eternal reign of Yeshua is soon to commence. Nevertheless, I see men (and women) spiraling out of control globally and so with this as a template I look for sanity. I have been looking for sanity for 6 years, It simply cannot be found in our news reports and or headlines.

For example:
Guy video tapes eating his boyfriend

Al Qaeda  barter system, "I will give to you camels and chickens if you give to me the heads of Obama and Hillary?"

Don't "Pee" at Arby's

No "boob food" for baby at the public library

Democrats, Republicans and heeeeeey, we need those gay votes tooooo!

I look at these headlines, read the story thereof and realize none of us can co-exist in lunacy and yet we have done so since getting kicked out of the Garden, in Eden. For nearly 7000 years with now 7000 people living in what has become our "Nut Hut" the God of Creation [when one thinks about it] has to come back in order to stop what we have become.

Oh but there's more:

Creflo Dollar opens up a can of "whoop ass" on his daughter

Daddy please, I tried to catch the ball. Stop beating me!

Islam, "Religion of Peace, Chemical weapons, Massacres and Maniacal dictators."

America, land of the stupid since November 2008

I was watching a show last night whereby a woman and her husband had their kitchen professionally remodeled. The outfit that did the work was incredible. The wife comes home to find a complete makeover beyond her "wildest expectation" I was thinking, look at what we can do in America that others cannot even think about doing. I began to think about all of the dead children and families being discovered in Syria.......Murdered.

As we continue to miss the point the news media, world wide continues to report on just how bad we have become. The irony in this is that the news media around the world does so for profit and ratings!

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