Friday, June 29, 2012

The Supreme Court of DEMOCRATS keeps kicking God?

In 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Union Free School District No.9 in Hyde Park, New York ruled that school prayer was unconstitutional. Since making this historic decision the public school system has become a place where children are indoctrinated against God. The public school curriculum regularly teaches outright lies and or distorts the truth about Creation, America History, Politics, you name it, just about every subject is distorted....Evolution can be explained as false but our kids are not taught this at all according to Ken Hovind

Even though I have added studying TORAH to my understanding of the GOSPEL Dr. Ken Hovind is spot on concerning CREATION. I am currently watching a DVD presentation of his that is jaw dropping! [Thank you YAYA for sharing this with me.]

Wayne Perryman speaks truth about History:

Supreme Court rules in support of Child sacrifice, Roe vs Wade
 Child sacrifice is done more efficiently then were the Jews murdered in Germany. The United States landmark decision basically said to the God of Creation...Go to Hell and take your mandate for life with you! (Forgive me Abba, just making a point) We effectively became another nation that slaughters our kids thus diminishing the next generation by attaching to it a sense of worthlessness. We see the ramifications today. Open rebellion, lack of honor, and lack of self respect are essentially how many young people today navigate life.

Obama Care: 
On June 29th, 2012 the Unites States Supreme court ruled that the Government can tax the American Citizen for just about anything and for just about any amount. The largest tax iincrease in the history of humanity was levied against a nation born of Biblical Principle...Judgment. One nation Under Liberty with Justice for all is literally now reduced to satire. We effectively became slaves to the government of the United States of America.

I watch the uninformed [especially among some black politicians] and wonder what God is doing to change the hearts of these political leaders. Yesterday, watching the Democrats walk out concerning Eric Holder's criminal contempt charges I felt like I was watching the Pharaoh of Egypt's inner circle walk out on Moses in disgust!
These folks simply have no idea who they are jousting with!
So, putting this all in context: 
We tossed YHWH out of the Schools (The America School system is an absolute mess)
Placed our children (at the time of the vote the, Next Generation) in jeopardy due to selfishness (We have sacrificed over 44 million children)
Taxing the citizens out of freedom....(The PEOPLE keep choosing the wrong King!)

These are all Biblical Patterns repeating. They just happen to be repeating in our generation or Millennium!

There will be a catastrophic disaster very soon:
I did a research once on these decisions that our country made that fly in the face of YHWH and found that natural disasters soon followed. To much information to recant here and so I encourage you to do your own research

From Scopes monkey trial to present day a natural disaster followed these decisions.....But here is something even more stunning. All of these decisions were motivated by Democrats
What is important here is who Scopes was and why he was insistent in poking YHWH in the eye

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