Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plane Fare?

I am getting Married to Michele Maria Bonura for the 2nd time. Our relationship spans 26 years, includes four adult children. Michele's parents are both deceased. Michele has two 1/2 brothers who have summarily disowned her. [Their life styles are not something we embrace.] However, my mother and two sisters have always adored Michele.

Pictured below is my Mom and one of my younger sisters..
Mom has had a couple of medical issues and so traveling by herself is not doable. I have asked Abba to allow both of them to come for the wedding. None of us have money and so I rely on prayer and at times you guys. This is one of those times.

If you would help to bring them from Rochester, NY to SeaTac, Washington and then help get them home...please make a contribution that will be used for this purpose. The family will do what we can do as well.

I always go to you guys because that is how it works for me [with the Kingdom kids] and or when I have a need..... If you can help with plane fare  for these two and if Abba puts it in your spirit to do so...please, we would be so appreciative! I have no problem asking for help, why should I or any of us be fearful of going to family with needs?

Thank you.

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