Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks Michelle Schneberger

So many people think that what I share is that we need to return to our Jewish roots. On the contrary, I have coined the phrase, "Adam did not see a Vatican Christian or an Orthodox Jew when he opened his eyes for the first time."

This is fact according to everything that can be written concerning what we know. What we fail to understand is that when Adam opened his eyes for the first time this too, was a scheduled event, an appointed time. The seven days of creation begin a pattern of fixed appointments or Holy days. Leviticus 23, Exodus 12 Yahweh is Holy.

The plan did not evolve. The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil produces death. We live in an endless concept of Good versus Evil as a result. This is how we measure our value. I would suggest that this is also how Babylon exists in the first place. Adam found out rather quickly what breaking God's law causes. Unfortunately, it caused all of us to not know the benefits of what he offered in the tree of life. Hence, a redeemer was also part of the plan. The Biblical patterns repeat this theme throughout every millennium.

Just as Abraham was planned and responded favorable to God so too, did Moses. The nation of Israel was planned due to the fact that Adam would eat from the tree (perhaps metaphorically) that our Messiah would be eventually hung on. The nation set into motion YHWH'S desire for us to "Come Out" of the choice to live in captivity or the knowledge of Good and Evil, Babylon!

I am not interested in any Jewish person telling to me that the Messiah, Jesus, or Yeshua proper was not who he was. Both the Jews and the Christians have a miserable track record in following the plan, we have all sinned! I think that both camps ought to be ashamed of how we perpetuate Babylon! Nothing YHWH gave to the Hebrews was in fact ownership but rather his instructions so they could teach the Nations what Adam, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah (redeemer), Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew. Moses was the prophet who was planned, a redeemer who would teach a people life as opposed to Babylon. The Children were led out of Egypt which represents a system contrary to LIFE and then they were given instructions....Not a knew concept! "Thou shall not eat of the tree" is an instruction, after the dirt sat up and spoke! The patterns are well defined, we were given a choice to follow instruction.

I listened to the following 70 minute download and continue to have resonate in my spirit, "Africa did not create the Black race, Asia did not create the Asian race and Europe did not create the White race. Just as Adam did not see a religion when he opened his eyes. I continue to think why we do what we do to one another is because we live in Babylon. Babylon or Baal, Egypt, Capitalism, Socialism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all systems contrary to the Garden.......I think that returning to what YHWH told to Moses, told to Abraham, told to Noah and told to Adam is what we must do...Return to the Beginning.

When the children entered into the promised land they had for forty years been taught LIFE...Perhaps we need to know what that is. Learning TORAH, YHWH'S Laws, His Instructions would do the body good. Israel is supposed to represent the difference. In so many, many, many ways this nation does and so we should return to the root of why the nattion exists in the first place. The only "Born Again" nation in world history

“Come Out Of Her My People”… In The Footsteps Of Daniel, Nehemiah and Moses

This exhortation message explores the final call to the remnant to “come out” of Mystery Babylon in these last days, and what implications this holds for specific ministry by a royal priesthood (who has faith in the Name of Yahushua Messiah and is hearing the law and prophetic injunction of Moses) for this coming appointed time of Shavuot 2012.
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