Sunday, May 20, 2012

A "Kid of the Kingdom" returns to the garden of peace

More and more I continue to experience a need to disavow any group or identity related to Messianic Movements, Hebrew Roots, certainly Christianity and Judaism. The mindset of all of these groups is "We are right, you're wrong" in most instances. I tend to see much of Rabbinical Judaism very similar to the priesthoods of Catholicism. Christian Pastors and Orthodox Rabbis struggle to share common ground. Within the Messianic movement there exists more infighting among the various beliefs that govern one group or the other. I remember getting kicked out of a Messianic social room for typing the name Jesus. I still chuckle about this. Sadly, this particular group of folks are not unlike many in what I call the Messy-Antic Torah based, lunacy that misses the simple truth of Echad. The world's religions now have a microcosm of yet another world religion growing. We are the ones who are supposed to come together now that we have returned to TORAH...what happened?

I speak against Christianity for one reason...Christianity does not teach the Old Testament or the main portion of the Bible. Opting instead to focus on the Gospels and the life, death and resurrection of Yeshua. Ninety percent of what leads to the Gospel is not even whispered among the pews. Church folks just don't know the first half of the book. Most of the Jews, both in this country and around the world, including Israel don't teach the New Testament at all. In fact, most don't study the Bible at all. I have had interesting conversations with several Jewish friends who are astounded more so that I study TORAH. In some instances I end up the teacher.....Torah was never Jewish nor is it man made.

Then there are the Hebrews and the Shebrews! I mean no offense but this causes me a guttural laugh!

In the black community well, my heart simply breaks at the disconnect that is so prevalent to anything Holy. In my studies it became increasingly obvious that Vodoo, Catholicism, and traditional, denominational congregations support most of the identity of black churches. Torah, what Moses taught to a formerly enslaved people is not even a suggestion in most of the black churches.

We are collectively, one great, big, mess! People of faith are so shattered, so disconnected from truth. A one world system is rising up based on confusion. There is no continuity or "Garden" experience that binds. Greed, corruption, power, and prominence seem to be how the rules are made. Life is compromised, and legally challenged so as to find a sort of justification for what we have done. I am right and you are wrong seems to be how we align our identity. I have said many times, Adam did not see an Orthodox Jew or Vatican Christian when first he opened his eyes.

Today, we experienced a rare,"Ring of Fire" eclipse. People around the world did what has been done for centuries, we marveled at what Yahweh does. We have lost this ability when looking at one another. Doing life together is now based on political correctness and denial of reality. Today many of us are creating our own reality. I once did a plumbing job whereby the guy/customer said to me (When looking over my estimate) "give me a sec, I have to go check with my husband" I knew reality was skewed, I was convinced that day!

One thing continues to insist on keeping us somewhat focused, "Prophesy!" We seem to have a bigger reason to operate in confusion as a result. Each group has its own manner of interpretation as we are fed by Mystery Babylon!

I will keep looking towards Israel for something bigger than what I currently understand. The rebirth of this nation makes sense Biblically! I think the Bible is correct when it says, His feet shall stand on the Mt of Olives........

That's what I am hoping to see, it is what keeps me wanting to know more. In the meantime, I will continue to go back to the beginning as a "Kid of the Kingdom, unbroken, unashamed, and uncolored. To Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David and Moses....Thank you! You taught to me how to know the God of Israel and to expect a returning King!

Isaiah 46:10 I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.

 I certainly am not above anyone else but if you want to journey with me back to the beginning....Well, that's what I am seeking to accomplish while I have life in me.

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