Thursday, May 24, 2012

Children who won't hear!

A pain so often experienced has found its way into my heart
The tears that only a father,
feels when a cold wind blows
across the life of his child.

I know what it is like to love a child who listen to everything but
the sound of my voice, the beating of my heart.
Memories are trying to crumble before me as the life of my little
girl denies me the day of her birth. How do others bare this?

Its like having a missing child standing in front of you
and not knowing where they are. Its like watching the phone ring
and not wanting to hear the voices say, "Welcome to the worst day of life"

I know what it is like now when a daughter introduces me to someone who does not know us
I know what it is like to have a man say, "I love your daughter" in the worst possible way.
I know what it is like to hold my breath because I cannot breathe.

I look at  pictures of missing people and think to myself, "How do people move through this
How do parents understand this...How do I stop this picture from hanging in my mind. I look at these pictures because they are far too often a part of all of us. Who ever gets numb? We can't get numb.

I know what it is like to have a child not hear, not listen, not understand.
I am not ready for this.......

(Please pray [One Voice]for our kids: Many of us have children who are now young adults and slaves to in Babylon)

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