Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going to Jerusalem

I was thinking last night and then again, this morning......WE SPEND HOURS TALKING ABOUT THE GOD OF CREATION because we believe. Our common ground is Israel, the Hebrews/Jews, the Christians and the Bible.

I wonder if Abba treasures our discussion of him more than he is annoyed by our disagreements. We are all heading to him. Whether standing before him naked giving an account or living our lives via the TORAH or Gospel or both...(I do both because they are one!) None of us is doing the Oprah concept but rather seeking to follow the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Moses concepts, the Holy Scriptures.

I follow Yeshua as well.

I love Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I choose to love them in the context of the Jewish men that they were. I feel like I am in a limousine with Yahweh driving. I get to see everything that he is doing while he drives me to where we are going. How privileged is that?

Heading to Israel
Jerusalem shall be a praise in all the earth. Isaiah
Isaiah 62:7 And give him no rest, till he shall establish, and till he shall make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

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