Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Eclipse is a phone call, from YHWH?

The ancient Hebrew sages tell us that the eclipses are signs. I now know this to be true having followed the teachings and discovery of Mark Biltz for 6 years now. Even NASA took notice of what Biltz discovered concerning the eclipses. As a result, Mark Biltz's name is universally connected to the eclipse phenomenon the world over and with good reason....
YHWH tapped him on the shoulder with, "Increased Knowledge" Of course their are those who call Biltz a false prophet and who accuse him of setting dates none of which is true! What Mark Biltz did was to connect the eclipses to YHWH's seven Biblical Holidays that he commanded us to keep.....
Leviticus 23, Exodus 12

The Holy Scriptures teach us that the sun, stars and moon are set for signs and seasons.  
Genesis 1:14
God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.

In Hebrew, this text has a much, much greater implication. The English literally skews much of the Holy Scriptures but you won't know this if or when English is all one use. Every language that has translated or transliterated the Holy Scriptures offers and interpretation of the text no matter where one reads anything contained in the Holy Scriptures. The very term, Holy Scriptures and the fact that YHWH purposed the Hebrew language to reveal his word should not be discounted. Returning to the Hebrew is for many a watershed revelation to what YHWH poured into the nation of Israel via the first church fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The church or synagogue proper was started with Abraham and Moses continued gathering the people at Sinai. What we have today could easily be called an abomination by YHWH'S standard.

Local Fox News station did a report concerning the discovery of the eclipse pattern
Signs In the Heavens, What's Coming, Part I
Signs In the Heavens, What's Coming, Part II

Many of us now realize that the Jews have known of these things for centuries.
1st Thessalonians 5:1
But you do not need to be written to about times and seasons, my brethren,
2nd Peter 3:10
But the day of THE LORD JEHOVAH comes as a thief in which the Heavens suddenly pass away, but the elements being set on fire shall be destroyed and The Earth and the works that are in it shall be discovered.

On May 21st, Israel celebrated Jerusalem day or the day that Jerusalem was liberated in 1967. A solar Eclipse also occurred on this day. Seven days later or today the Feast of Shavuot is occurring. The celebration commanded by YHWH which also occurred when  the Holy presence filled the Tabernacle that Moses was commanded to construct. This occurred a second time when the Disciples gathered in the 2nd Temple. The pouring out of the Holy Spirit or Ruach Hokedesh will occur again very soon. The signs and seasons are announcing that the hand of YHWH is moving. Israel is surrounded and the world is out of control.

To call these events coincidence or to not know that they are occurring at all stabs at the point of virtually everything that I write. The Churches today literally are clueless about these things. Many do not have a proper understanding of the Holy Scriptures thus prophecy is more of an innuendo as opposed to absolute. Those of us who understand "Increased Knowledge" Daniel 12:4 and who are coming out of the churches know what is happening. The Jews who keep TORAH are watching. I recently had a Jewish Rabbi say to me, "Watching Christians return to the TORAH is a miracle of miracles! We now, know that the Messiah will arrive soon!"

Today, Mark Biltz will speak on the signs that are occurring in the heavens today at the conference here at the Puyallup Fair grounds. The conference begins in 45, I have to get going.

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