Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Prayer to Abba, Father

Father, I write this prayer to ask for mercy. I raise up before you the cry of my heart, please forgive us.
For centuries you have provided the air that we breath, the water that sustains us. For centuries you have kept us in the palm of your hand. Your love for all that you have done surpasses all of our understanding. You presented to us your wisdom, your statutes, your commandments and your salvation. Father, you have decreed that we be a people redeemed back to holiness. You set apart a people, Israel to share the light of your being and you purposed your word to go forth from Jerusalem. It was you who planned the hours, days, years and millenniums that declare your glory, that speak of your loving kindness and merciful judgments. You are extraordinary and beyond measure. Through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the prophets you revealed the Mochiach, the Messiah of Israel. We await the kingdom to come. We deserve little but have been afford much, what kind of love is this?

Father, I too have fallen short. I too have not been a holy man in all of my ways and yet you have shown to me wonder an amazement. I sit inside of your being experiencing the fruit of your labor daily with sin driving my flesh. I get discouraged and excited daily. Currently my failure to honor you is robbing joy. Father, please forgive my trespasses against your will for my life. Forgive how I do what I do where and when it does not glorify you. Teach me your ways Father that I may be pleasing in your sight. I confess that I know of and have practiced sin, willful sin against your Holiness and in your presence. Father, I too beg for mercy. Please forgive the many mistakes that I have made while doing what you have placed before me.

Not only do I stand before you in this writing but I do so with the thoughts and minds of millions. Forgive us Father for not seeing, not hearing and not understanding your ways and most of all forgive us for not standing with your people Israel. Forgive us for trying to kill the heart, the soul and the very reason you created your nation, Israel. We have as a people for centuries placed our thoughts, our deeds and our selfishness against your people. Forgive us Father for not seeing your nation in the way that you purposed. We chose to persecute the descendants of Jacob, who you call Israel and have done so for centuries.

Father forgive Am Israel for not keeping covenant. In so many ways idol worship has often derailed your people. Have mercy in the days to come on the land, the people and the purposes of what many ignore within the land. You returned your people just as you promised and far too many in this generation fail to see your hand in world events. Moses asked you to remember your hand which led your people from Egypt. I too, am asking you to remember your promises to Israel. I do so with reverence and not arrogance. We need you Father. We long for your judgment that corrects fallen men. We long for the day of the last trump. We grow weary day by day of the state and condition of what we have done against your will. Father, forgive us and come quickly. May your holy days reveal your plans of restoration to those who have missed the mark.

I pray for the Jew, the Moslem, the Christian and all who have wanted to know you but who have been deceived by Baal. The satan and the system you raised up against your throne is leading the hearts of many. Father forgive us for not choosing life. Bring us back to TORAH my Elohim. Bring us back from adultery and fornication. Bring us back from what is planned against your nation that we might stand with Holiness and Israel. Father this is the cry of my heart today.


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