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Most are unaware of just how ingrained the concept is in all New Testament doctrines

A friend contacted me this weekend explaining how he was invited to a particular church via a budding relationship. The church is actually one from his youth many years earlier. We are both two people who have reconnected the Torah of God to the Gospel of God. I would suggest one supports the other, neither are separate. My friend was so outraged at the Pastor's message that he excused himself and left the service.

I used to attend a small church in Vancouver, Washington where this sort of commentary was regular. The folks in attendance are wonderful, God fearing Christians. The Pastor was unaware of the very antisemitic tone found in many of his sermons. I would squirm in my seat often but at the time, I did not really know why. I had a love for Israel and the Jewish people for years and often wondered why the churches always made disparaging remarks about the Jews virtually every Sunday.
I believe most are not aware of how bias many Sunday churches have become over the course of time. It was in this very church where the voice of the Master spoke to me saying, "Because I was Jewish and they do not understand, learn why I was Jewish" My life has not been the same since that moment.
Whenever I visit a Sunday church inevitably but not always do I hear the drum beat of Replacement Theology in the sermon.

I was speaking with a couple of folks on Friday night having just concluded participating in a meeting concerning church planting. My close friend, Jason Swofford and I were explaining the Festivals of the Lord to one who was familiar. His questions centered around Israel. The person hosting the meeting stood off to the side listening. I was speaking specifically about Israel when the meeting host chimed in, "Israel is a secular nation, 80 % of which does not care about God at all"

The common thread is finding fault with Israel and the Jews. This is so embedded in much of Christian identity. I would suggest that probably 80 % of churches in America have a slanted view of Israel and the Jews. Replacement Theology does this. The mindset born from this concept is Jews, bad, Church good, Old testament...the Jews, New Testament, the church. It is a very subtle but constant truth. a truth that is predicated on an historical lie.....Unfortunately the lie is now doctrine in many cases

I was listening to a very prominent Christian speaker at a meeting last year who held up the Bible and declared it a Christian book! I thought the entire book was written by Hebrews, Jews who knew TORAH....everyone of them did and yet, the Christian does not teach TORAH at all?

I am not bashing but rather pointing out that something is wrong! Jesus was Jewish, so too, were all of the disciples and so on....! How is the book now Christian? The answer, "Replacement Theology"

Pastor John Hagee will share a story of how he put together a meeting of Pastors 25+ years ago to speak about Israel and our Jewish brothers and sisters. A fair amount of Pastors and church leaders came. As he centered his discussion around supporting the "Jews" he could sense a shift in the atmosphere. After a lunch break virtually all of those in attendance did not return.

A message from Pastor Hagee

 For the willing please revisit last August, 2011 with me. I hope that you begin to understand what Replacement Theology does to our concept of God's chosen
The truth about Israel will set a person free, the truth about those returning to the land will destroy the perception that Replacement Theology has cast for nearly 1800 years

Laurie Cordoza Moore: Our Biblical Mandate as Christians

Mark Biltz: Replacement Theology affects our thinking

I related the two stories above because I see this as a predominant reaction to most fellow believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. This is common in all Western Theology and doctrine. Related articles are listed below.

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