Friday, March 30, 2012

You can make a difference, REALLY, you truly can!

Please make a contribution. Nothing people like me do is or can be done out of our pockets. It takes a village...heheheh! I am asking the "Kids of the Kingdom" to make a difference. It is appalling to me the number of people who do nothing! [Sorry, but I call it the way it is] You all have to do more and it simply takes money that none of us have. I get it, really, I do. We are being overwhelmed those of us who have returned to the TORAH and who have taken the GOSPELS with us. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit but what about you!!!!
I am gearing up to make a major announcement but I need your support....More to follow: This will be done via media but if you do not support this it will go no where.

I am going to come out against RACIAL stupidity and  I am going to do so publicly. Based on everything that I do on a much bigger scale...If you want to support and agree with my blog now is your time to STAND! If you are a person of faith it is a responsibility to not be apathetic. Twelve men died for standing nearly 2100 years ago, they were following a Jewish man!

If you think that antisemitism and what the media is doing to incite racial hatred is not planned...Your living in a vacuum...Please keep your money or at the very least, SNAP OUT OF IT!

If however, you are ready to get out of the bleacher, out of the pews and stand for the God of is you chance.

Sorry but I am not set up to be non profit...YET so I cannot offer a Non Tax deductible option

I am very busy at my place of employment. I cannot not share more at this time.

Tell satan or whom ever has you influenced away from "The Word of the Lord" to take a that you can be free of making what God created...UGLY!

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