Sunday, March 25, 2012

To family members across the globe, start looking up!

I am in a sort of constant aching for my family, my kids and siblings, cousins and relatives across this nation.
I am seeing, watching and reading Biblical events declaring great events, fantastic occurrences happening everywhere. The constellations, eclipses and activities in the heavens are extraordinary. The knowledge that is increasing [about the God of Creation and the crowning of the next King of ISRAEL] is beyond anything my life has known. I am watching it because it is all happening.

 Sarah Beck of Iowa sent to me the following:
Part One: Introduction (35 mins)
Part Two: The Heavenly Wonder Sign of Yom Teruah (Feast Of Trumpets) 2011. (48 mins)
Part Three: "Another" Wonder Sign : Day of Atonement (8/9th October 2011) (57 mins)
NEW! Part Four: The Heavenly Signs Expected From Passover Through Shavuot 2012 (83mins)

If you don't watch this you will be clueless about what God has done when he created the stars. What is happening in the heavens will simply confirm his majesty over the horrific events that are soon to happen throughout the earth. You will also see that he has a wedding planned, a coronations planned and a 1000 year rest planned. Thanks Sarah for sending this to me. 

I have been following 119 Ministries revelation with curiosity as well as conviction. 
119 ministries time line

I am following the so called, "Occupy Movement" which is now planning on occupying neighborhoods across the nation. Incidentally, the word Occupy is meant to say.."If Israel can occupy Palestine we can occupy what ever we damn well feel like!"

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