Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reality Check, Asia did not create the Asian race!

I was a product of my Christian Environment for about 45 years... I knew no better for I was told that the Jews Killed Jesus and they missed the boat and to stay from them... So like a good Christian, I did.....I closed my mind & heart to Jewish history, ideas, teaching and especially the people. I left no avenue for God to open my heart to His Jewish people and His teaching through them....I was doing what I was told to and that was to Guard my heart and mind from them. Yes, I will admit it. I held predacious view of the Jewish teaching and its People. In some case I will admit I had some fears of them. This is so similar to my White Society Environment that I was adopted into some 53 years ago. Stay away from the African American (The Blacks). They are like this and they are like that. Until one day at the Air Force Academy I was assigned a Black roommate... I thought hmmm I wonder how this is going to work out. I spoke to him, he did not bite me. We studied together.... I helped him with his Math and he helped me with my English. I had to listen to his music and tried some of his favorite foods, and I began to like their music and food. I actually hung around some of his Black friends. Just try to visualize a group of Blacks then there is me an Asian. Must have been a funny sight to many. We ate the cafeteria together. I began to learn about him and more about his background and his thoughts, goals, dreams, and his frustrations and fears. It reminds me of the movie the “Titans” where the football players were forced to live and learn about each other. I lived part of my life in his Black World. It didn't take me decades to over come this predacious. Just a few weeks. I held my Jewish Predacious for 45 years only to have it released in about 1 year. It was a fluke of an accident that lead me to now Love the Jewish people and what God has entrusted His Vision for the world in them. I took a chance with Gods chosen people. Today I am understanding them for I try to live, think and experience their world. It definitely is not anything what the Christians Pastors have lead and taught me to believe. So I do understand why the Christian World rejects the Jews. Oh I know they all say that they do not Reject the Jews. Those were my same words. Well it’s like this. The Jews who do not Open their lives to Christians, their glass is only half full. Like wise the Christians who do not openly embrace their Jewish counterparts, glass is also only half full. Jeff, only you and I and others that are learning our Christian Hebrew Roots see that our lives glass are Truly over flooring for we know, live and have experienced what our life of Faith used to be. I will never be 100% Jewish nor will I ever be 100% Christian...

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