Thursday, March 22, 2012

I point you to those who teach us!

FYI [for your information]

I started a website called "Hear and Obey" in 2007. [I hope to redo the site soon but the funds are not there] The purpose behind the site was to point folks who were looking for more meaning within the Bible to teachers of TORAH. As a result of the website I was invited to appear on GLC or God's Learning Channel in Midland, Texas. I had an experience while in Texas that caused me to write a book, "Un-Coloring Race." ABBA made me acutely aware that we are separated by racism as a result of willful disobedience...ALL RACES. This is why I detest the term "African America" Africa did not create anybody!

I was subsequently asked to speak in various places around the country. I have done television, radio and Internet interviews. I lost virtually everything I had, my career, home, marriage and moved away from my four kid who I love more than my own life. My children are all adults, two have produced my beautiful grand daughters.

I have been called a sellout, Judaiser, Jew lover, Oreo [black on the outside, white on the inside], uncle Tom, heretic, Christian basher, and words that I cannot write here. I have had death threats, from Christians, Muslims and Black Hebrew Israelites. I have never had a Jew threaten me but, man, do they disagree! Not all do but the ones who are nuts, make sure I know it....
[These are those who think Israel should be divided. These Jewish folks are insane to me!]

I have had stage four cancer and struggled to have an income. This all in the last 6 years of my life and right after the God of Creation became more real to me than my own skin. I have had a sort of JOY, EXPECTATION, and AMAZEMENT that continues to grow daily. Sometimes, my heart feels like it is going to explode because I see the preparation of the return of the Messiah everywhere. I do not see the "End-Times but rather the ETERNAL time soon to be ushered into this earth.
It is absolutely astounding to me that most Christians do not understand the Bible before the "NEW TESTAMENT" and the Jews do not understand the Bible after the OLD TESTAMENT" My gosh I hate using these two terms!!!!!!!

My point is, I am not a teacher. My role, in my mind is to be that person who shoots a grenade from a double barrel shot gun into the minds of believers......WAKE UP!

I know that a great deal of America is in a pot of water that will soon boil. The nation feels that something is wrong but they do not see that God's hand is judging us.....I really, truly in my heart could care less if you are offended. Better I offend you than to realize the God of Israel is judging you! It is a balance that I have not mastered yet. Part of me wants to scream and part of me wants to cry virtually every single day of my life. What is taking place is so crazy, awesome, so over the top, beyond anything that I have known...I simply feel privileged. For some reason the God of Creation wired me to do what I am doing. I want to do it according to how he wants it done. Many of you think I am too "In YOUR FACE" Actually, I am telling Christians....we are wrong and we don't know it! I am not purposed to speak to the Jews or the Hindus or Muslim...I am to tell Christians, Un-Color the lies we have believed and return to TORAH, take the Gospels with you. Christians on the whole think this is putting them back under the law! Having never been Jewish, when exactly were we ever under the law...If you have an answer for this question than you do not understand the issue.

If we do not repent and return to his TORAH with the GOSPELS what we will experience is another Sodom and Gomorrah correction. Abba is warning us to repent and we keep marrying a man to a man, a woman to a woman. We continue to become drug addicts, the commercials prove it! We are a mess!

The Judeo- Christian nation is collapsing and many of us see this from a very abstract perspective. A very specific action is being meted out by the hand of God himself.....

So, I continue to sound the alarm! I point you to those who know how to TEACH us what YHVY is placing into so many for such a time as this.

I present Rabbi Jonathan Cahn:

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