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The Great Deception

Matthew 7:22-23 Many will say to me in that day, 'My Lord, my Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name have cast out demons, and have done many mighty works in your name?' And then I will confess to them, 'I have never known you, remove yourselves far from me, you workers of evil.'
No other people group on earth would say this to him except for Catholics and Christians of the last 1800 years.
The Question should be: Why is this verse and others like this in the Holy Scriptures?

My prayer is that Abba show to me how to do what he began six years ago in my life not so as to pacify Christians but rather to sound the alarm......

I had the opportunity to share with a family member, my kid sister, someone who is very, very close to me about how God's method of communicating through the Bible is unlimited, not limited. I showed to her how the patterns are repeated or how passages in one story are actually repeated by the actions of King David or Yeshua in another part of the Bible. These are not just revealing shadows of the Messiah but also supernatural brilliance that are on display in every generation. They are purposed for the last generation which will witness the hand of the Lord move against deception. It is going to be violent beyond anything we have witnessed and it will be so in order to save Israel....Not Christianity or even Judaism as we know both today.

Matthew 11:12 “From the days of Yohannan The Baptizer until this hour the Kingdom of Heaven is led by force and the violent are seizing it.”

The great and terrible day of the Lord is not what the church thinks...

We, my sister and I were on SKYPE so I was able to see her reactions. My sister is a life long Christian, of rock solid faith. She acknowledged that the family knew that God's hand has always been on my life in a rather amazing way. I was the first to receive him and now I was bringing this message into the family 35 years later. My family is astounded. I was showing to her what most Christian Pastors do not know and therefore cannot share. I was showing to her God's word as opposed to sharing a sermon, HUGE difference. I was able to watch my kid sister's eyes get wide. I saw Abba teaching to her his word, not how to apply it alone.

I realize more and more that the Western mind raised within Christian doctrine cannot see God's word from an Eastern mindset which is how he conveyed it. His word was written by Hebrews, to Hebrews all of whom shared evolving cultures from an Eastern or Middle Eastern methodology. The term Middle East came about after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. This term presents a relatively new concept describing an ancient world. Most of us alive today see the Middle East as a place where Muslims live, or the oil is. This is our abstract concepts. We don't know the history or how the people of the ancient world still see Western culture as divisive and corrupt. Islam is simply another part of the Babylonian system that was born in the garden which gave rise to Nimrod, and which gave birth to the Greek mindset. This attitude and mindset  has always challenged God and his people.
 Ray Vander Laan addresses this issue well:
My issue with Vander Laan is that one cannot fit the beginning into Christianity. Christians must return to the beginning.

Those of us who are in Western Christianity see the world from a Greek template that has evolved. God's word was never Greek but translated into this Greek methodology from it's original Hebrew culture. The Jews were a conquered people at this time as well. America follows a Greek identity. From sports on Sunday (gladiator) to philosophy and conjecture within our academia. Even the days of the week and calendar months are Greek. The Hebrew mind cannot fit into a Greek construct which is in opposition to all that God poured into Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  Through Israel we have his word, his alphabet, his calendar and his concepts. We have the Bible.

Nearly six years ago the God of the Bible showed to me how he sees his word and he did it in a nano second. It has taken me this long to really understand what happened to me.

While on Skype I saw a person, my kid sister who was reading along with me the Holy scriptures, experience moments of complete surprise and amazement. I was able to have her shift in her thinking so as to see how the Bible is written...not just what she was reading. I have realized for sometime now that I have much to learn about how to share with Christians the story in the Bible. The problem for me is that I cannot do it from a Christian mindset. Most, and I do mean most are oblivious to the Eastern method of understanding the scriptures. I know Christianity and most of the world has been deceived and does not know it. I continue to watch the remnant, of those called out of religious systems hearing God's voice. I am one of many. God showed to me nearly six years ago what this means. I am just now realizing why it is so hard to explain.

The argument that is immediate when I confront how we have been taught addressing Christianity is the battle that God introduced me to nearly six years ago. I am addressing a different or original construct of the Bible.... I know myself to be one sounding the alarm, a watchmen on the wall if you will and I don't try to package this so that Christians get tidbits or nice facts. Rather my heart's cry is that we start connecting the dots. When the Lord comes he won't be having a conversation about how we got it wrong....[He did that already]

I see the collapse of many nations, the war in Israel, and the death of hundreds of millions occurring very, very, very soon because, I see the patterns repeating in the scriptures. I understand that the CHURCH is not going to be raptured  like Christianity teaches in most doctrines. I understand the Terror, Famine, Disease, and War [patterns] that follow Leviticus 26:14-39. Most Christians cannot see these patterns repeating in our generation...possibly the last generation. We have not been taught to see what a remnant of the Jews have known about God for 4000 years. Furthermore, we don't understand what the remnant of Gentiles is as well. 'We only see what they don't know as a whole while we point a finger at them. We tell them to accept our understanding which has killed millions of their family members for nearly two thousand years.


I see the praise of Jerusalem about to inhabit all of creation.

Isaiah 62:6-7 I have set watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day nor night: you who call on Yahweh, take no rest, and give him no rest, until he establishes, and until he makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Notice the Holy Scriptures do not say the Western or Christian Church.

Most Christians do not understand the TORAH, or God's instruction, God's appointed times, God's Calendar, the Sabbath or what, why and how Israel has always represented God. [Not as Jewish folks but, HOW GOD SEES HIS PROMISES TO ISRAEL.]

We think the Gospel and the books of the new testament are a new revelation. Most Christians do not realize that the many denominations and non denominations of those who call upon Jesus have killed more Jews than any other people group on earth. Our understanding is just as blind as are the Jews who did not accept their brother Joseph.
We believe that grace is our blessing for accepting the Messiah.... overlooking the millions of deaths caused to millions of races as a result. To quote my friend Walid Shobat, "Something is a bit fishy here."

Western Christianity does not understand the Bible, we understand the translation. Christianity was ripped off and Christians have been following these doctrines for centuries. No Christian wants to be told that he or she is wrong...Here is the truth, WE ARE WRONG! 
We don't know it. This is the Great Deception as it applies to the Christian faith and all groups whose ideology was born out of Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Ottoman Turks and Western society. These represent "Patterns"

Walid Shobat shares with Christians "Wake Up" he is trying to show the mindset that blocks us from seeing what is really happening. I don't think we can wake up because we don't know that we are asleep!
My kid sister saw for the first time that her big brother is really on to something big...I saw it in her eyes. My problem is that I know we don't have much time. A few years of absolute hell on earth are beginning. They have begun and America is leading the charge to toss Elohim, El Shaddai...THE GOD OF THE JEWS under the bus and we are doing it as God dismantles the religious systems. All the while he is raising up the anti system. Islam is that religious system. Judgment is coming especially to the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Western mind! The collapse of the Twin Tower and the raising up [election] of Barak Obama all occurred in America. These are both gigantic judgments and far too many do not understand how or why.

It simply destroys me when Christians say, "I am saved by grace" while living in a nation that allows men to marry one another while watching the church system be silenced. We are a nation that sacrifices God's kids. We are a nation that tosses marriage into the trash heap. We are a nation that lives on drugs and medication instead of the garden that Adam was placed into. This is God's hand raised against the church not men and Christians do not know this. We think it is the world system shutting up our voice. No, it is our lack of understanding that is causing God to shut up our voice. [Certainly our treatment of Israel] We do not understand TORAH....Our Sunday morning sermons are not having the impact that our fathers, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob had. We were never grafted into Israel so as to become Rick Warren and Jeremiah Wright Jr.

Jesus was Jewish for a Kazillion reasons and Israel is completely surrounded by the kings of the earth in order for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to save his people.....Not the Catholic Church or the Christian denominations. This is planned, so too is Islam!

How to share this message to a people who defend a mixture of the truth with a lie is very, very difficult. I have to keep learning how to do this but I cannot do any of what I do from a Christian perspective. In my mind, in every thought that I have, every tear that I share, it is the Christians who must return to God's word. I think that much of Christianity is more lost than those that are unsaved.....

Now how many of you want to hear that sort of thing

Now you know how difficult this is. The Christians who seek after this understanding truly are those who hear his voice for such a time as this. I did not start this, Elohim did.

Those of you who are coming out of the doctrines of Western Christianity have to share your testimony if you read this....
  • Please leave a comment that shares why...
  • Please do not bash but rather be honest so that others might see.....

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