Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Following Stupid!

I am reading the headlines concerning the young kid, Trayvon Martin
who was killed. I am certainly sorry for his death and all of the other deaths that occur where our kids are concerned. I can only hope that Mr Zimmerman is not killed as a result of the frenzy that I am witnessing. Our world is nuts!

I have yet to see Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the so called, "New Black Panther" lunatics and all of the rest of the "Plantation Nation" march in protest of the drug dealers, the gang bangers and those who accept zero accountability for the God given life that each have been given.

The "race whores' of our society are sickening. 

I have no clue what happened to cause the death of this child but with the lack of accountability that our communities, our public schools and a great deal of our parents allow many of our kids to call life, has been out of control since the 70's

Our "Good Kids" are not in the rap videos, are not on the 6:00 news and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never speak about these children. The show, COPS never broadcast these kids. Far to many black kids are seen chased by the cops via the liberal media run by hell itself. We all know this theme.

This was not a Jim Crow killing. We simply do not live in that generation. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and those who are like minded continue to toss the God of Creation under the bus in order to magnify sin so as to blame "White People" and race! I am appalled that far too many African Americans as opposed to AMERICANS follow stupid! Why are you all not marching against the destruction of our families, the issue of daily deaths committed by blacks killing other blacks.....?????

Mind you, I am not ignoring racism. I am simply addressing the fact that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton practice it every time these events occur. These two men are the most racist folks in our community in my opinion. [Opps, I forgot about Louis Farrakhan.]

Why not stand for being "Kids of the Kingdom" if you call yourselves faith based folks......You follow Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as though these two men are heroes...They are not heroes.

Please, UN-COLOR YOURSELF from the sins of racism. God colored all of us and he did not use sin as his canvass!

Father, help us to be better at doing your will as opposed to following madness! You commanded us to love one another. We simply do not get this but prefer to insist on agreeing with the adversary about who you created us to be. We bow down to hell itself in order to blame someone else for the sin in our country.

Jeremiah 16:19 
O Lord, my might, and my strength, and my refuge in the day of tribulation: to thee the Gentiles shall come from the ends of the earth, and shall say: Surely our fathers have possessed lies, a vanity which hath not profited them.

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Ed Hulett said...

Very well said, my brother.