Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The America I live in SUCKS?

 I am so damned mad right now I could scream!

Our sons and daughters are dying. They are being slaughtered as they fight a war of religious lunacy throughout the Middle East. As our government continues to pick what particular Middle Eastern country to intervene in our kids come home crippled or dead. I suppose we don't have enough lives to throw under the bus for those dying in Syria at the hand of yet another Islamic Government. I suppose this is a good thing.....?

I have been walking through the headlines on the Internet for ten years. I don't watch much American news media, FOX included because they have taken advantage of a rather pathetic American public [In my opinion] I get most of my news from credible and reliable sources. The American press is no different than the Iranian government. Ten years has come and gone and my opinion has simply been reinforced.

The only people in America who would disagree with me are the parents of the so called "Occupy Movement" or the college student who has been brainwashed against our nation by Islamic oil money (I might add). You see, these parents allowed the National Education Association to place into our school systems the wackiest people in our country many of whom are Gay on purpose. The gay and lesbian alliance is very proud of this accomplishment. Many of these folks are the product of those who sat on the grass in Woodstock, New York for two weeks in order to attend a three day rally featuring music and dope. The "Age of Aquarius" produced a society of degenerates and these are now running the country and sitting at the helm of most news outlets within America. These are the folks who think gay marriage is beautiful and full of sunshine and warmth; pink hearts, yellow moons, and green clovers. Who knows, they may be test tube babies as well. Soul-less concoctions full of preservatives and sugar substitutes.....God only knows what we are creating as we sacrifice our biological kids with forceps, emotional expedience all to the tune of Roe versus Wade sung by Joan Baez and Bella Abzug!

We have become the Jerry Springer audience ushered into existence by the oracles of Phil Donahue ...Phil Donahue is to me an American nightmare that reoccurred daily for 26 years. Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather for 1/2 a century became pillars of our society...Two of the wackiest men of my life time. Liberalism is still defined by me as, "That which insists on making no sense at all" Just go watch Maury Povich and you will see idiocy elevated to television, complete with sponsors and 25 year old grandmothers.

Our kids are dying because of the minds behind Sadaam Hussein, Assad, Khadafy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Ayatollah's, Abbas, Bin Laden and those who kill.....kill, everyone. Seems to be the hallmark of the Islamic system. You can call it a religion if you must but those of us who do not watch Oprah know better. These are all folks we should have over for a beer with our president according to his mentality, keep those religious and racial tensions down. Perhaps we should toss out the hand shake and just all learn how to bow as well?

The United States has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims/people and we do so because they are trying to kill us or stop the world's oil flow...Gosh, we can't allow that to happen. This would cause the American public to have to think for the first time since WWII.  At the very least it would allow us to see our good kids become grandparents. Heaven forbid we offer our children that opportunity! I suppose that if this is the world we have to live in, clicking the remote, popping a bag of corn in the micro and settling down for the latest episode of "Desperate Wives" is away to cope...!

Our kids are dying because we raise them up on video games and cell phones in front of MTV [Jersey Shore or Kim Kar-superstupid-dashian] and then pack them a lunch and send them off to Afghanistan where they can burn opium fields and books while carrying an M-16...

Where the heck is the spirit of George Patton or Eisenhower? Our kids are dying and they do so for America where most of the parents don't know zip, nada...a damned thing about our History. What is taught to our children these days is how to grow up GAY, intolerant to common sense and super-stupid! Imagine a Muslim extremist looking at our military coming and knowing that a few of the proud [men] were forced to leave their new husband at home!

Meanwhile, Israel has missiles reigning down on her citizens while Calypso Louie [Louis Farrakhan] is telling the world to hate, hate, hate...from his multimillion dollar mansion, courtesy of poor, black Americans who are clueless to the millions of Africans slaughtered by Islam for centuries. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, where our military is not dying. How we allow Louie Farrakhan to live in our country instead of a cave in the mountains of Pakistan is beyond me!

Our kids are dying overseas...for what exactly? 
Bring our kids home if your going to continue to kiss Islamic ass while sitting in our White House. And if you, the American public continue to allow this to happen...You don't deserve to complain about nothing, not one damned thing!
Hell itself would have been frozen before this man voted for Barack Obama or any Democrat
I have to vote for a Republican......Now that's something to look forward to. I would rather the sky roll back, a loud trumpet blast be heard while the King of Jews be announced! Voting this year will be like trying to determine what is in that which I just upchucked!

To the black American who votes for skin color: Enjoy your chains and cotton fields! History repeats only this time it will be opium...The ignorance in my community is demonic for sure.
Now who among you questions the fact that I am outraged today about this absurdity we call freedom? [As we watch it taken from our nation one vote at a time] For every American flag burning that the American news media shares with the world today concerning 16 dead in Afghanistan they won't show a dead American or bombs reigning down on Israel without telling the world it's our fault......

Incidentally,The Crystal Cathedral is in bankruptcy. So too, is the Judeo-Christian nation. The God of Creation is rather loudly saying...Hint, Hint, Hint? Israel is facing Goliath once again while the Grammy's celebrate a nut-ball named Lady Gaga....! What has happened to our country is shameful


Nadene Goldfoot said...

You just wrote thoughts I've also been thinking about. How did we ever get to the year 2012 and be so stupid?

Jeff Morton said...

Very well said Jeff. We have a lot of explaining to do as to why we sat by and watched this all happen.

I guess you’ve seen the video on YouTube about the Muslim population explosion?

S. Greathouse