Monday, January 23, 2012

You must UnLearn How You Have Been Taught

My mother would say to me...I thought you were trying to turn me into a Jew and put all of us back under the Law. Mom went home from the Hospital a few days ago. Things have changed in her life. Her body simply is not working like it used to. I have appreciated your prayers on her behalf. Mom watched my David and Goliath DVD Yehovah opened her eyes through this presentation. My family is now looking at what I have been sharing now for five years with enthusiasm. They are getting it!

The problem is a very complicated one. The Church has taught one way for thousands of years and the Jews have taught another. The Jews are right about 80 %, the Christians are right about 20 % The Jews have been teaching this for 3800 years and the church for two thousand. The church took a left turn and has been on the wrong track ever since and does not know it. The Jews rejected their brother and continue to do so.

Both stories are repeated over and over and over again in the Holy Scriptures. The Gentiles reject Torah and the Jews reject the deity of Messiah. The Gentiles have always rejected the Sabbath, Torah, God's Festivals and his Aleph/Tav. The Jews have broken every covenant and have suffered greatly. The Judgment coming to the Gentiles will be the worst time in Human history. A remnant will be saved from both groups. The Jews have been slaughtered by the self righteous Christians and the Jews have treated the Gentile like they are complete imbeciles...The Church has been imbecilic. Many Jews do so because of the blood, their blood that covers Christianity. I understand

The Church thinks it will be rapture(d) and the Jews will get what they deserve...this is possibly the most dumbest belief in the world next to Islam. Thank God not every Christian lives this lie. Nevertheless, this is what we have done. I try to tell Christians to go back and take another look at the Bible from God's perspective and not a Christian perspective.Their are other Christians who simply are not worth talking with, the same is true for many Orthodox Jews as well.

I stand for Israel, not the one that the Church has taught about because this is blasphemy. I stand for the one that God created from the seed of Abraham...through the direct descendants of Jacob. The Spiritual Israel and the Spiritual Church is just an excuse to say one is wrong and not the other. The semantics of stupidity is a better way to sum this false teaching to. The Jews are wrong and so too is the church. Like two kids in the sand box fighting over a toy...we continue to do STUPID! Meanwhile, the Godless are mobilizing against the kids

So what I do is take the 20% that the church has right...the Gospel (If only they could get that Greek confusion out of the way) and journey back to the 80% that God poured into the Jews/Hebrews...He actually offered a 100% but they insist on what the rabbis teach as opposed to the TORAH in much of Judaism today. Yeshua had the same problem in his time.

If we are not willing to do this [Return to the Beginning] than perhaps we are too foolish to breathe. We have to know this from God's point of view and not that of Men....For if we think for a nano second that Abba tossed HIS beloved Israel under the bus...we prove to everything that has breath how miserable we have allowed deception to dictate terms.

My Mom was willing to see what I was being shown. I am not a teacher. I lead you to them [many of whom are Jews who don't believe in the deity of the Messiah.] Nevertheless, what they do believe about G_d is insane to not know........They have taught the world because they kept their charge for the MOST part!

I hope to cause YOU to go back and see the 80 percent that you do not know.. The "Superbowl" of human history is about to kick off. It matters now more then it ever has. Please return to the beginning...

My family is, so too are my cousins in New Jersey Many, millions of you folks are too.
Please keep sharing with beloved Christians why they MUST know God's word and not just Christianity or the evolution of this religious system. God is restoring his beloved Hebrew Family and all of Israel. The secularist of Israel are not thwarting his hand but rather condemning themselves. Pray for them as well  

Please pray for the Liberal Rabbinic and Orthodoxy who taught the Catholic Priest how to screw up everything...a lot of these folks are still on the loose as well. God help us!

Isaiah 46:10  
declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

 Acts 15: Obedience or Legalism? by 119 Ministries
Abolish or Fulfill? by 119 Ministries

God's Language is Hebrew and he told the Jews to teach us his ways...they did and we killed them!

If ever I needed support this is that time...Thank you for supporting what I do specially through this illness. I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Tacoma Washington. Please feel free to sign up, post a comment and participate. Thank you for stopping by.

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