Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valerie Moody, my friend is going back to Israel

 If I had the money, I would be going. If you have the money contact Valerie and "Get R Done!"


I am re-sending this because I forgot to attach the itinerary!

This is our new 2012 Israel Tour Itinerary.  We have many more nights in Jerusalem doing all the wonderful things that we did not get to do in our few days there before.  We will take in all Top Ten sites in the Golden City, including spending time on the Temple Mount Sifting Project as amateur archaeologists!  We will walk on top of the walls of the Old City and explore the Herodian Mansions.

We have a Bedouin-style meal in a tent in the desert with a camel ride, plus 2 full days in the Masada - Qumran - Ein Gedi area.  We are going to Bethel, Shiloh (site of the Tabernacle), and Mount Gerizim!

We will go to Nazareth Village for first century culture, industry, hospitality and sites.  Plus, we will visit the Nazareth synagogue where Yeshua taught in Luke 4:16.  

At Tel Dan, we will go all the way back to Jeroboam's altar for teaching and prayer.  We will experience Tel Hatzor - a World Heritage Site and the greatest biblical ruins in Israel.  We will spend more time in Safed and Caesarea.  We will go to the Horns of Hattin, the probable site of the Sermon on the Mount, and re-enact Yeshua's sermon there.

It promises to be a remarkable trip and will be even more memorable if you could go. Please forward this to others who might be interested. 

  (Would you also forward to those who might be intersted)

 If you have not read her book "Feasts of Adonai"  then you are walking around in life with no head!

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