Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To Bash or not to Bash

The most amazing thing that I have experienced since understanding the Torah, the Law and who, why and how it is that Israel, the Apple (reflection) of God's eye was reborn is the resentment of Christianity taking to another look at the Holy Scriptures. I never come against the individual Christian but I do challenge HOW we have been taught. I no longer enjoy sermons but love the study of TORAH, learning about how God's word repeats and communicates His patterns. I have studied the Bible from a western mindset for most of the years that I followed the Sunday morning concepts so I am not ignorant to New Testament doctrines.

What has changed everything, is learning TORAH and how doing so makes what I know about the Messiah a Kazillion, Billion times more relevant [illuminated] than the Sunday morning sermons of my past. Learning about the Paleo- Hebrew, Proto Cananite, the Holy Festivals, Shabbat and how Messiah knew, practiced and lived all of this has blown my mind. I want fellow Believers to know this information as it takes Christianity to a level that simply is not taught in the churches across the globe. Jesus was Jewish, this element is what the Scriptures are declaring on virtual every page of scriptures but the Greek mind has all but eliminated this FACT.

The thing that has to happen is understanding, Perspective. The Bible is not Christian, not Greek and was not produced by Gentiles for a reason. That reason must be re-examined........

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