Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To all of you GIVERS out there

The recovery of my surgery, not unlike most folks who undergo this sort of surgery is painful and full of risk, infection and a variety possible repercussions. Of course, I am in the hands of the Great and Powerful God of Creation who will use you {Like he has} to help me financially. The lady in my life has agreed to be at my side throughout this entire process........

Outside of her work and responsibilities she is handling a lot of unexpected issues as well. Please keep her [Cathy] in your thoughts and prayerfully respond if you are so prompted financially...We could use the help.
As soon as I am able I will get back in the seat so to speak catching up on the costs and issues that require money.....Everything that I do, YOU all support. This is no different, I appreciate your contributions always.

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