Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This will be my final response to your well wishes.

In my book, "Un-Coloring Race, Black to Bresheit" I wrote...
"Life no longer defeats me" 
From the moment that I was told "You have stage four cancer" my entire life did not flinch from the above statement. 
(My adult Children are the hardest part about all of this really!) 
I have not experienced, depression, defeat, discouragement, or any anxiety what so ever. My joy, the absolute appreciation to have been made alive resonates behind every pill, every stitch, staple and pain associated with cancer and surgery. 
It is a privilege for me on every level to have been tapped on the shoulder by the Creator of this amazing experience. I have joy. 
This has been true from the moment Abba told me to learn why he created Israel and why the Messiah, revealed in flesh was Jewish, my life has exploded with a level of security that is beyond spoken words. Not in the fact that HE WAS JEWISH but in the fact that digging into the Hebrew family of Jacob illuminated everything.  I understand how it is that we are the MIRACLE that caused all of this to happen. I am having the time of my life. 
We cause sickness because we don't understand who we are. We all pay the price in this regard. I no longer live wondering about YEHOVAH. I live expecting my restoration to him. 
I stand for the nation of Israel because HE showed to me a smattering of his emotion concerning his beloved people. I stand for the Christian [who] wants to know how we know God but not his people or the Hebraic reality of Yeshua. I will do this until YHWH puts me to sleep. 
I love this amazing gift, see it as such [finally] and so, life does not disfigure HIS purposes anymore. I appreciate this experience. Cancer sucks!  
What surrounds this illness is HIS majesty. I get this and live accordingly. 
Thank you for your prayers, your well wishes and your support.  Yahweh bless and Keep you

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