Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things are becoming so clear.

Today I spent a great deal of Sunday looking at various websites that attack Hebrew Roots and or come against those of us who are returning to the original Biblical concepts presented in the Bible. This all started for me yesterday when I received information about a new Facebook page that specifically targets Hebrew Roots teaching. I found plenty of websites that speak against the Hebrew Roots understanding. I, myself challenge much of New Testament, Western or Church theology and so for me I could easily hear myself and how I write against New TESTAMENT Christianity in many of my blog posts. I was not offended to read what is readily available via a Google search. I have just l;earned that being offended has been a human failure for far too long.

I remember clearly, when I became a Christian, life changed. Not in the fact that I had become something different because, in truth I did not. What changed was having hope that this entire experience was worth something. I started going to church, reading the Bible and literally did what Christians do. I raised a family in this model. Albeit, I was not very good at being a Christian nor was I the best, father, husband or person Christianity teaches us to hopefully become. I was even a crack head at one point in my Christian walk. Nevertheless, I was determined to get to know God as are most Christians.

In July of 2007 everything changed, everything! I was asking Pastors why the Jews were blamed for just about everything. In virtually every church that I have ever attended, [not all that many over the last 36 years] I would hear the Jews spoken of historically and always from the pulpit, disparagingly. It did not matter if the Pastor was white or black, the Jews bad, Christians good theme was always prevalent. I would actually get Pastors mad at me because I was questioning why this is so. The more I asked the more upset they would get. I was asked to leave two fairly big church congregations in Vancouver, Washington. Literally for asking questions about the Jews, true story! I took my family and went elsewhere. the thought of being asked to leave any congregation was a bit of a surprise to me. I was not a disruptive, argumentative follower? I just had questions that none were willing or able to answer. To get angry over this was quite surprising.

I started attending synagogues in Portland Oregon. I soon found that whether you were in an orthodox, liberal, or conservative sanctuary really mattered. I was always greeted respectfully. Well, the liberal Jews were a bit more intolerant of me. This has never really changed.

The Christians of my past, many of whom were close friends revile me in many instances today which is really sad. Remember, this all started when I began to ask questions about why the Jews were bad? [Not because I turned from my Christians friends.] I soon realized this is an under current in most western doctrine but it wasn't until I heard from God himself, audibly that I understood. Everything in my entire world, how I think and how I react to life is now different. An impossibility to explain to people and at times, even myself.

For example:

A few months ago I was asked to pray with a couple of others at our Shabbat Service at El Shaddai Ministries. I was waiting for my turn when I looked up and saw a heavenly being dancing in and around the pews. The song, "Dance With Me" was being played by our worship team. He was a man and he was dancing as if to be saying, "I cannot wait to dance with you" I blinked my eyes, adjusted my brain and looked again, HE was still dancing, flowing almost as if ghostlike in between the congregation. He was dressed in all white and was smiling. I told my Pastor, Mark Biltz as soon as I was able. I know that the person dancing was Yeshua. [Jesus if your Greek minded]

Another time more recent, I had a dream. In the dream I was in my hometown sharing Hebrew Roots in my old neighborhood of Rochester, NY with children. I was actually on my childhood street. Two weeks later I was in my home town sharing Hebrew Roots with my family and my families church Pastor. I went home to attend my aunts funeral in New Jersey. I had no money and no way to go to the funeral. Well, from Tacoma, Washington to New York and then New Jersey without a dime is rather remarkable. I was able to see my Mom and family members along with many cousins and was able to share what my life is like as a result. It was an amazing time. My Mom's Pastor has since had a heart attack and by-pass surgery...Please lift him in prayer. He met with me for 45 minutes. I do not know if he was open to what I was sent to share....Believe me, I am certain that Abba sent me to share Hebrew Roots with this man. He has a heart for Israel but I am not so sure about Hebrew Roots.

A more astounding dream was the David and Goliath dream that I have written about and produced a DVD presentation. I also was shown the Biblical Festivals and or a pattern of all seven of them unfolding in the book of Joshua by his actions and events that were taking place as he conquered the land of Milk and Honey. This was a powerful revelation for me as I was on my way to speak during Feast of Tabernacles when God showed to me what was hidden in the book of Joshua.

I have had some of the most amazing things happen in my life that defy explanation. More recently, stage four cancer, and within one week being told I am cancer free. Nothing remotely like this happened as I was walking with God in the Churches but now that I have left the religious system and returned to the original instructions of God....My life is surreal. really!

In the past two weeks I have heard from well over 2000 people via email, phone calls, mail, text messages etc, etc from all over the world. This is so humbling, so very, very humbling. I have had people support me in ways that are just remarkable. Everything that I have needed during this cancer blurr has been provided. Two of my doctors were Christians and I know, that I know, that I know Abba appointed these folks to get me through the surgery. I am currently not able to do very much having just had the cancer surgery. The pain is unbearable, the medication is grueling, I feel as though my body was dragged down a hillside but.... I can type! [The pain has become less and less debilitating]

It is 12:15 AM [Monday] January, 29th and as I sit here...I am having the time of my life. My Joy for what is happening in my life is overflowing. This is easily explained; the world cannot make me sick anymore. YHWH is my cure for everything. He is my peace, my shalom!

You see, I don't hate Christians, Muslims or Jews I am just experiencing something beyond anything I have ever known. It all began when I started asking about why the Jews are treated so bad. God has been showing to me that Israel is the only reason any of us are alive at all. The rebirth of the nation ensures that many will see "THY KINGDOM COME." This is monumentally impossible to explain but I do know this...when he spoke to me he, showed to me how much he loves Israel and the Jewish people. He showed to me that this is the very reason he sent his son to represent his instructions concerning Israel and the nations in the flesh, a Jewish man.

Jesus [Yeshua] was always in the beginning but Israel was not. However, Israel was always planned and Jerusalem is where the Garden of Eden was.

My understanding of who he is, is made even more amazing when I consider his chosen nation. It is for this reason as I was looking at various websites today that I continue to see how far away we are from his heart. Well, I am not so far away anymore. I am returning to where his heart first offered to all of the world grace. I am "Returning to the Beginning" &  the closer I get the more I can hear our Cosmic God, Creator of all things declare his love for all of us better still.
May God bless you all as you journey towards him.

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