Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank you for allowing me to be family

The anesthesiologist breaking it down to us.

As I put this on my blog it feels like I have a telephone pole stuck in my throat. Very painful.

I would like to thank you all for everything. I am hearing from folks all over the world. You cannot image how humbling this is to me. I do not know what will be the next part of this amazing journey. I only hope that I please Abba with however long I have. I am learning so much about so many things. The privilege to be posting this dreadful image can only be realized when one understands He holds the future, He holds mine too!
Thank you Abba, Father for turning on the lights after so many years of living in darkness.

My entire life needs keep praying, keep loving and keep supporting this amazing thing that I do for the coming Kingdom. 


brian said...

Very inspiring Jeff. Very moving. You stand on the rock indeed. You stand on Yeshua. Love you brother.

Cheryl Lewis said...

Hey my Brotha,

I realized something today. That time is shorter than we think and Abba needs you healed and well as one of His Watchmen on the wall. Now is the time to start preparing our families and friends and to find that mountain that we most get to.

Love you Bruh!!