Friday, January 6, 2012

Sarah Sanders, "YOUR LOVE!"

UPDATE: I heard from Sarah  she wrote
People can contact me at my email address. They can order however many CDs they want. I take Paypal, check, or money order. $15 each, 3 or more $12 each.,
Thank so much Jeff for your support
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I met Sarah Sanders when I began attending El Shaddai Ministries five years ago. Sarah was a part of the worship ministry off and on. I used to think back then, WOW, this girl can sing!. I have since come to know her along with her Dad and two brothers...outstanding people, OUTSTANDING!.
I remember asking Sarah if she would allow me to post one of her songs on my website as back ground music. She graciously agreed and for about a year I had her song, "HOME " playing as a back drop. Currently, I have Dorcas Brown as a back drop who I think is amazing as well. (You have to click on the tab in order for the music to play in the upper left hand corner)  

Well, Sarah has produced a Cd, a rather remarkable Cd of her songs and music. The Cd is a solo effort, just her and her piano along with the Ruach haQodesh [Holy Spirit]. The CD is so good that I am sending a copy to Dorcas...just because......
Sarah will tell you, "Making a Cd was never in my mind to do!" YHWH has a way of interjecting and we are all simply grateful when He does. This is certainly true in the case of Sarah Sander's worship of our Creator. I am so very proud to be writing this blog post. When you purchase her Cd, you will understand, trust me!!!

I don't have a sample player. In fact, as I type this I am waiting for Sarah to return my call so that I can get updated information for this just released Cd......I will update this post when I have the information. In this case, YOU know how somethings just can't wait...well that is what is happening here. I could not wait to get this in front of my friends and supporters...GET THIS CD. Sarah's music, lyrics are powerful and you will be drawn into worship of this I am certain.

I adore her music and have watched this young woman grow over the last five years in ways that simply boggle the mind...Yes, she is on Facebook and yes she is in my friends list. I used Sarah's song "Home" on a couple of my video vignettes as well....

The Cd is titled "YOU WILL NOT FAIL" The following is the front and back cover of this work....The Cd sells for $15.00 or three for $36.00. She may have other price discounts. The Cd will be on Amazon and a few other places. I hope you will check it out. 

This is a good worship Cd folks.....It really is OUTSTANDING!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear he cd!!! Thanks so much Jeff!!!
Dorcas Brown Smith