Monday, January 30, 2012

No way, NO WAY DUDE!

God expected Israel to teach to us his Holy Days or Appointments and to actually do them as convocations or dress rehearsals for some reason[?] I read all of this stuff in Leviticus and wonder why he bothered to teach those Jews anything[?]

Now you have these new Judaisers in the Hebrew Root movement telling us to keep those Festivals. Even when it means giving up Christmas...THESE people are nuts!

Besides God's son told us we did not have to do any of this Jewish stuff anymore. One wonders why he bothered to teach us this in the first place. Especially now that I have celebrated Christmas all of my life anyway? Knowing too, that those Jews have caused more trouble in the world than anyone, MY GOD when are they ever going to get it?

For those who know me and what I write about...well, I am making a statement

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