Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heaven, Hell and Donald Duck!

It is almost as though we sat around a table 2000 years ago and made God's word read in a manner that was comfortable for the masses instead of reading exactly what it meant? Perhaps we really would do the world good if we simply went "Back To The Beginning"

"When the poor man died, the angels carried him to Avraham’s lap. The rich man also died and was buried. He was in she’ol, and his pain was very great." (Luke 16:22–23)

The traditional Christian view of Heaven and Hell assumes that both exist. Beyond that, Christianity disagrees with itself on what Heaven is, what Hell is, who goes where, and how long they stay.
What About Heaven and Hell? approaches the question of eternal destinies from a Messianic Jewish perspective. D. Thomas Lancaster takes listeners on an apocalyptic tour of apostolic-era, Jewish views of the afterlife and uses that information to cast light on New Testament passages about Heaven and Hell. "Our Master was Jewish. It stands to reason that if we want to understand what Yeshua and the apostles believed or taught, we should consider what Judaism believed or taught on the same subject."
This study explores questions like:
  • What did Heaven and Hell mean to the apostolic-era writers?
  • Do Jews believe in Hell?
  • Do people really burn forever in Hell?
  • What is the difference between Hell, Hades, She’ol, and Gehenna?
  • What is the difference between Heaven, Paradise, Abraham’s lap, the Messianic Age, and the world to come?
What About Heaven and Hell? presents a message of clarity about the great hope of eternal life, the essence of the hope of the Gospel, and the central point of the resurrection of Yeshua our Messiah.
Be prepared for an in-depth Bible study unlike anything you have ever heard about Heaven and Hell!
4 CD Set
  1. The Christian Afterlife [64:42]
  2. Abraham’s Lap [63:39]
  3. Doctrines of the Pharisees [56:26]
  4. Resurrection, the Kingdom, and the Judgment [50:50]

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