Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good News Concerning Cancer

Today I had a second follow up doctor's visit. The goal was to remove the last of two drain tubes and remove staples/stitches. The head surgeon and one of the other doctors who assisted were present. All of the material removed from my neck during the actual surgery went to Pathology. During this week, the Pathologist was trying to identify the source of the cancer. If not found  preparation to do radiation therapy was to begin. next week...Six weeks of burning up my neck!

What actually did happen was that they did find the source cancer in one of my tonsils. Most people have two tonsils removed, I had four removed, two of which are a different type than is common. Anyway, in one of these type tonsils they found the cancer. I was told that based on experience they feel that I am cancer free as a result. This was good news and they were eager to share it with me. They encouraged me to keep a scheduled meeting with radiation for informational purposes, and to keep all follow up appointments the first of which is in two weeks.

I am committed to eating differently and to help others. What I now know about what we are shoving into our bodies that is killing us must be talked about.

I am also simply grateful, really GRATEFUL in so many ways and for so many people. Thank you for your prayers, your support and to my closest friends....Your overflowing love.

I sense a sort of wake up call in my spirit and a deeper appreciation for how quickly ABBA reassures his position in our lives as our Father. I am so grateful that radiation therapy is now a discussion as opposed to the next phase. My doctor said that I am a stage four risk for this reappearing based on how bad this had woven into my throat and so they want to monitor me. Meanwhile, Abba is showing me how he designed our bodies to eat... I am going to RETURN to what he said is good to eat and hopefully, encourage others to come with me...

A very special Thank You to Mrs. Cheryl Lewis of California. You have pointed out a clear direction to head in concerning how to eat better...How to eat healthy. To Valerie Jolie of Tigard, Oregon...Thanks for loading me up with cancer killing, information, product...and FRIENDSHIP.  Art, thanks my friend, this was an ugly scare, very painful week,  and you were right there. To Yaya of New Mexico, Thank you! To all of you who offered your finances to help...You paid for everything that I needed. Your also paying for the medicines that I have had to take. The Veterans Hospital does not pay those bills and they are coming in....I am good now and you all played a major role in helping me to many of you their are. I think I have received over 1700 emails from folks all of the world who have been praying for little ole me.

Thank you lets get back to the work of the Kingdom.

YHWY bless you all.

With respect,

Jeff  Morton

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