Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals of Hear and Obey, Black to Breisheet

I am learning so much about what is happening in my body ie, cancer that it simply breaks my heart what we do not know! We are killing ourselves and we don't realize it.

Many of you know that I have not worked for many months [Like so many of us] Everything that I am able to do is done primarily through your support. Many, many people have supported what I do, now that I have cancer it just means that what I have to do needs to be kicked up a notch.

Supporting my website Ministry,  the Back to the Beginning Conferences which I fully intend to go forward with, and now my personal desire to start sharing with people why we have to stop eating CRAZY is my NEW YEAR.  Just as we mixed the Words of ABBA, creating a cancer in the Body as a result,  we eat a mixture of JUNK creating cancer in our own bodies as well.  

These are my goal this year. Abba uses you folks to pay for what people like me do....He also appreciates prayer! So, can you too, kick it up a notch with me?

I will be putting together a series of things that help us to understand how the body works in several posts to come. I am not a Doctor but rather a person who now has to fight a disease....I want people to know what I now know.......I also will be attempting to use a church to bring people together so we can learn about what we are eating. [Jason, we need to talk]

  • The first goal is to become a non profit, this takes money and I need your prayerful help and money to do it....
  •  I will continue to encourage fellow Christians to return to a Biblical understanding of Israel and the "Old Testatment" I hate saying Old testament (Father forgive me) I simply need resources. If you can commit to our work please do so.....
  •  Laurie Cordoza-Moore, Mark Biltz, Rico Cortes...please, help me to put our first conference together with you folks being the first three speakers...I want to go to Rochester, NY
 I am currently looking for a congregation in Rochester, NY who can support and accommodate our first Conference
  • Contact me at or

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