Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christians Are Right

With all this hubbub about cancer and what I now have to battle, my main purpose is always to share with Christians why they must return to Adonai's original construct of the Bible. We must return to how Israel (Jacob) taught his twelve sons about the God of creation, and about the coming man/prophet, who would be raised up among them.

So, the cancer is pretty bad they tell me but the honor to do what I do is simply more important to me. This post is no different. The doctors are doing what they are trained to do and I am doing what God asked me to do...
Ask fellow Christians to return to the Beginning.

Last evening for erev Shabbat we were having a wonderful, healthy meal with great friends, fellow Christians who have returned to the original concepts in the Word of YHWH. During our study time and after our meal the host made the following statement [I wrote it down]

"Christianity is right concerning the Messiah but it's explanation of who he is, is draped in paganism that lacks wholeheartedly his Hebrew identity. The problem is the Jews cannot recognize him as their brother from Christian teachings"

Acts 17:31 “Because he has appointed the day in which he is going to judge the whole Earth in righteousness by the man whom he has designated and he has turned everyone to his faith in that he has raised him from among the dead.”

Deuteronomy 18:18  I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brothers, like to you, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I shall command him.
Notice HE was not the brother of the Christian church fathers

The distinction between the Father and the Son is absolute throughout scriptures. God is described as Spirirt but the son is described as the living, physical word of the Spirit. In both instances the man was to be Jewish, from the lineage of a King and of the house of Judah.... Most of Christianity does not realize how much information is layered in my very last sentence because the church does not understand how the Bible is written beyond a Greek interpretation. Even more confusing is how that very translation is now English. So much is diminished from a Hebraic mind as a result...Jesus was Hebaric and his name was Yeshua. In order to understand this post better please watch these 30 minute presentations by my good, good friend, Rico Cortes who actually is challenging the Rabbi's based on Isaiah 53. What I hope you will also hear is how Christianity adopted doctrines that are miles, and I mean miles away from a very Jewish Messiah.

Those of us who study such things know that most of Orthodox Judaism follows the teachings of Rashi for the most part...which Rico will explain brilliantly. Furthermore, and I might also add the departure presented in Rashi's teaching from Dueteronomy 18:18.are represented in Isaiah 53 rather well. Rashi believed that Isaiah 53 is speaking of Israel as opposed to Messiah, the man.  I think you will find Rico's presentation stimulating and if you are open to returning to the beginning you will [AND I can absolutely guarantee this,] see who Adam saw when he became a living being.

Remember, the man told us that he was representing the Creator and he did so as the seed of the Creator. The deity of our Messiah is intact but was he God in the sense that Christianity has portrayed him?
Both Jew and Gentile departed from the LIVING WORD in one form or another and both have argued the point for centuries.

To my fellow Christians, please reconnect the Gospel back to Torah...they are one!
To the Jews: Your restoration is near.

May the God of Israel bless your day

A special request:
To my fans and supporters and to all fellow believers , I absolutely need financial support please consider helping me through this cancer burp! [From the deepest part of the Spirit within me, thank you]

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