Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cancer Surgery is scheduled

I just sent the following letter out to family  (I have a TON of family on the east Coast) and very close friends. I am sharing it with you all because, well because thousands of you are a part of my life.
We are the "Kids of the coming Kingdom" right?

Okay, so...I have been diagnosed with stage four cancer of the throat...All of you smokers, STOP smoking, Duh!  (I quit 17 years ago)
I am scheduled for a surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and several other lymph nodes that are suspect. I met with several Doctors today to discuss the surgery, risks and what not. The surgery is pretty significant and will leave a pretty significant scar....

I will be in the hospital for a few days and require care for about a month at home. A tremendous amount of pain is associated with the healing process. Complications and infection are also a part of the overall risk.

How can you help?

Prayer is quint-essential

I will be staying at my lady friend's home for the recovery. We could use financial support
Cathy has already taken on a great deal of issues associated with this illness. So, if you can help in this area that is what is needed the most....The address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. (That's only for family and very, very close friends)
As far as Cathy (Miller) is concerned, I have lived a life time to have this sort of woman at my side
Cathy is a Godly woman who has been simply amazing at this time in our relationship. Thanks Cathy

If you make a contribution via my blog [Below] please make sure that you designate its intent

To my kids:
If you want to come up here for the surgery you are welcome to do so. I am not sure how you can get on the Military Base (Madigan Hospital) at Joint Lewis/McChord Military base. Cathy has room for you in her home if that makes it easy. (Kids, call my Home phone)

The surgery is the 19h of this month, January....Next week

Finally, please know this: From the moment that I understood who the God of Israel is I have walked in complete Joy. When I begun to return to TORAH and see what most Christians have never seen it completes my faith. I walk watching the God of Creation unfold his plan. To know this is all happening elevates JOY to something beyond pain and heartache. I do not live in my scars as such, I don't live with pain or regret but total and complete expectation. This is who will be laying on that operating table no matter what the outcome.
Thank you and God bless all ya"ll...wink!

For your prayers and giving...truly, a heartfelt thank you.
For those sending mail please send to my Congregation [Where I attend services]
El Shaddai Ministries  |  P.O. Box 7881  |  Bonney Lake, WA 98391  |  253-862-8010 
They will make sure that it is delivered to me

With respect,

Jeff  Morton

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