Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who knows, really? [what is soon to occur]

This is a good report from Hal Lindsey 
[Granted, Hal is not representing the original Hebraic concepts of the Bible; he only sees the word from a Christian perspective]
A friend called me last evening. During our conversation he shared that a mutual friend of ours was in a holding pattern. Our friend felt as though he simply was not hearing from Abba concerning his ministry.. I too, have been wondering what to do, how to do it or whether I should continue doing what I am doing. 

A little more than a month ago I had a dream whereby I was in my home town of Rochester, NY sharing the Bible from a Hebraic mindset as opposed to Christian only. Well, I ended up in Rochester doing just that. I also was in New Jersey doing much the same thing. Albeit, a funeral is what caused me to be in Rochester/New Jersey nevertheless, the dream was realized. I felt like I was doing what ABBA wanted me to go there to do. What was surprising, to say the least is that within my family in New Jersey, some of my cousins [We are in our 50's and 60's] were already looking into the Hebraic nature of the Bible. As it turned out I became a resource for several of them. I will be speaking with one of my cousins sons later today, in fact.
I shared with him that many Blacks who came to America as slaves were actually being freed from 1400 years of Islamic Slavery. This got his attention. [Much of the so called "African American" community of today is clueless about this history.]

I see that ABBA used me to water seeds during this trip however, I am home now and life is still rather scarce financially. So I am back to wondering what to do, how to do it and if what I am doing is what ABBA wishes. It is a never ending daily walk.

I think something big is soon to occur in this world and wonder if this is what ABBA is preparing so many of us to endure(?) I am in frequent contact with many, many folks in ministry especially those encouraging Christians to return to the original Biblical understanding. I think we are being prepared to be disciples for millions when the current Biblical understanding based on 36,000 differing doctrines of today does not happen. Does anyone else concur? I know that I know that I know....YHWH is returning us to the Beginning of this story, His plan and it all has to do with Israel...NOT THE CHURCH SYSTEM of 36,000+ doctrines based on Catholicism and Replacement Theology. He wants us to return...this is the pattern and this is why millions are leaving the church returning to TORAH...

I am simply sharing, TAKE THE GOSPEL, of the PLANNED, 1st coming of the Messiah with you. This is what my whole entire being is all about. While you do this, leave the stupidity of racial separation in the Greek/Babylonian System. The insistence of racial ignorance is not apart of the coming Kingdom!

A book recommendation: I have only read what is on line CLICK HERE but I do know the Author, he is a friend and faithful servant.

Please, pray for resources; financially, many of us are at a crossroads. Trusting ABBA is a prerequisite but also an act of faith to be sure. This is no different for me and what I do as well
CM...thanks for sharing the Hal Lindsey report

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