Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Un-Scrambling Misinformation

As I speak with literally thousands of Christians concerning going, "Back to the Beginning" one thing I find constant is the moment we use words such as Law, Torah, Hebrew etc, the connection to Jewish anything causes almost a defensive posture to immediately happen. Their are a myriad of reasons that this occurs however, if I were to narrow it down for the sake of this post I would say this happens because of 1800 years of knowing the Gospel doctrine as presented by Christianity and or Greco-Roman theology.

I would have to also state that their are many, many folks out here that practice a Messy-Antic religion. [The fastest growing, nutty religion in modern history.] Keith Johnson used what I think is the best way to describe some of what I see going on.."INSECURE" 
The Messy-Antic folks basically say, all Christians are pagans and are going to hell if they don't get out of their faith?

I will be working on a project that will be part of the "Back to the Beginning Seminars" over the course of the next month. I will be contacting Rico Cortes, Bill Cloud, Tony Robinson, Mark Biltz, Valerie Moody, Keith Johnson, and Jason Swofford. I will also have a few Christians who have returned to the beginning involved in this discussion. Please pray for this as everything seems to be difficult to do when bringing folks together...I believe our differences are what make connecting to one another possible. In the same way puzzles are connected
I want to present a certain clarity as to why all of this is so critical in this particular generation

Now to call Craig Miles....get this thing going!

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jasonswofford said...

Sounds good Jeff. Let me know when, I'd love to participate when you get the details worked out.