Thursday, December 29, 2011

A body killing itself because of ignorance!

I have been learning about alkalinity versus acidic body fluids for some time now. Now that the cancer issue has found a home in my psyche I will go into high gear learning and doing what Abba made our bodies do, heal itself. Again, I saw my friend Rico Cortes a few days ago and was shocked at how healthy, how good looking his skin, color and overall appearance was. He shared his desire to be healthy, as well as to be an example of what TORAH represents even in this area. Alkalinity was a very big part of Rico's conversations with me

We are the "Kids of the Kingdom"
We are are those called to stand with Israel in these hours and we are the ones to share with our Christian brothers and sisters why we need to support Israel and the hebraic construct of Abba's word.

So, I am speaking with my doctor when suddenly the Ruach shares with me that she is Christian. I said, "You're Christians right?" This opened an opportunity for me to share with her what a Jewish Messiah, from a Hebrew family really means. [I have had three doctors so far]. I shared a few things which caused her to go...WOW!

It is becoming very easy to share this with BELIEVERS who are open to see beyond the Sunday morning sermon. I am not here to save Christianity, just challenge how we are taught about the Jewish people, the Hebrew legacy and the Biblical story that most...AND I do mean most Christians do not know.

As far as a healthy body check this out: 

Thanks Yaya!

I was thinking about what has been mixed into God's word that is killing the body. It dawned on me that what is happening in my body, happened to God's word as well. The Church does not have a clear picture of a Hebrew revelation. Likewise but on a different level entirely, our Jewish brethren do not have a clear picture of the Messiah in flesh, born of Mariam. We have an acidic camp, toxic! sort of ruins the ability to love one another. This must change, we must get healthy

I realize this is convoluted in thought, much of my thoughts are lately. Nevertheless, when I share the Bible these days I have learned to put it in the hand of the person I am speaking with so that they can see the actual word as opposed to hearing a doctrine explained. This has never failed. I will say this until I am dead...What I have found is that  fellow Christians know "Christianity better than they know God's word"
Far too many churches are simply based in Replacement Theology and condemn themselves unknowingly
They don't understand who, what and why Israel exists.

I do not fault Christians. I fault how we have been taught in the Gentile mindset as opposed to the Hebrew reality of the entire written Bible. The majority of Christianity is not connected to it's Hebraic origin. This is a deception so huge that is has killed millions of Jews for centuries and most in Christianity simply do not know the nature of this problem because we teach it every Sunday as doctrine. I did not know any of this until five years ago. I have since been learning how to Un-Learn the lies that we have inherited (Jeremiah 16:19)

Well this is how I have eaten for the last 50 + years...I know how to eat food but I do not know food. I do not know what God did when he created what and or how I am to eat. I do know that what we have done to food is killing us. The same is true for water. I have to learn how to un-learn in this area as well. I am realizing that eating processed food, processed salts, sugars etc, etc are not original nutrients and minerals. I know that drinking soda is like injecting your body with poison but most folks don't know this. It is the same with understanding a Hebrew Bible...It was never Christian but we have been told that it is for 1800 years. We simply don't know what the Jews know and think we don't need to..THIS is a BIBLICAL mistake, it has caused cancer in the BODY

My doctor could not answer this question: 
What do you know about the Jewishness of our Messiah now that we agree he was 100% Jewish in the flesh? She readily said, Nothing! How can this be possible if we are to know him and yet of his literal life in the flesh we completely are clueless? To date and for the last five years...Not one Christian, not one has answered the question differently. The doctor did say, Wow, that's odd that I do not know anything at all." This is the key that transforms the Bible but most do not even know to ask the question. The same has been the case with me concerning nutrition, food etc. This all changed this week and five years ago. Yahweh asked me to go find out his son was Jewish. He is now telling me to learn how the body works as well as how to feed it! Nothing has been the same since!

Hey Rico...Love ya bro, thanks for calling!

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