Friday, December 9, 2011

From Sarah

Hi Jeff,

First, I just want to tell you how excited I am for the project you are working on to take the Hebrew roots message to the inner city. I hope to make a contribution soon. In the mean time I am praying for the Father's timing and the financial support for your endeavors.

Most of all I just want to thank you for being there faithfully for me and I am sure countless others that are out here trying to learn and to follow Torah alone without a Hebrew roots community      
(I am also learning modern and ancient Hebrew, which is my new endeavor. )

I have been feeling a bit discouraged lately in that after sharing some things with people who I thought may have been stirred in the same ways I am, after hearing about the Feasts and being invited to share in them (and some came to my Feast of Trumpets dinner and ate in our tabernacle), shared info with them from Dan and Brenda's website and book, gave out copies of Marlene Miles book, there's been little response. I was hoping people would see what I see, whether it is the cool stuff ( like the feasts) or the hard actually taking a Sabbath on the right day...or extracting myself from the pagan customs.  The Christmas situation is definitely the hardest. People begin to feel judged or distant themselves. As supportive as my husband has been, he wants to keep Christmas eve for his mother. My Adult children are another story all together now that there is a grandson.  Wow.

What I am understanding is that it takes a long time for people to begin to see it. On one hand I feel so humbled and privileged to be seeing and understanding all of this "at such a time as this". I can see how some of my unique experiences and previous decisions have sped me up in this process. So, I must have patience and grace and show lots of love and walk that line of avoiding judgement but giving out truth.  And cry out in prayer for my family and friends. And follow Torah. And study. I appreciated comments to that effect that Bill Cloud responded with to someone on his blog. It just gets so lonely and I do not have anyone to talk to this about.

Thanks for listening. You don't have to respond. I just wanted to share my appreciation and feelings so you would understand why you are a lifeline out there for me and I know countless others. El Shaddai has also become my online community. Praise Abba.

Shalom and may you be blessed for your obedience by our Father.

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Jeff Morton said...

I personally think Christmas is fine...a very good tradition of men! I think it gets fuzzy when we prefer it over the Holy days that our creator commanded Israel to teach to the nations...His are most important! We replaced his with our traditions....This is the only issue that I have with today's is non Biblical. When people of faith understand that Santa is actually a representation of Elohim's fallen Angel "The satan" the original understanding becomes known...until, giving and coming together is a goo thing....After all, is this not the manner of Festival of Tabernacles or when our Messiah was actually born of flesh?