Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Matters

We just said good-bye to one of our family matriarch's. I am afforded the ability as a result of this loss in our family to reconnect with people that I have loved my entire life. I am reminded how much of a privilege living truly is.
Being away from my family for so many years [nearly 40] allows me to have a perspective that is somewhat unique. When I come home I see lives changed, kids born that I have never known now adults with children of their own. I see gray hairs on cousins that used to play kick ball in the streets of Rochester, New York so many years ago. We are now our aunts and uncles. The children I see in our family are who we used to be. It is a remarkable thing to be alive watching the process repeat, being a part of it. Life truly is like a puff of smoke, dissipating. An exhalation of an idea made flesh and blood for a brief moment in time. We are the miracle happening over and over again.

Probably the most amazing part of my being here among aunts, uncles, cousins, my sisters and of course, my mother is that it all feels the same as when I was a child. Our family is connected to those feelings, we celebrate the passing of one relative after another in the same way that we celebrate one generation from the next. We come together full of reminiscence with stories from our youth or that of our parents passing these memories on to those who are creating their own. I have a large family, a good, kind, decent family. Being here is one of life's pleasures. [If you are connected to lies than you are missing the most amazing gift of your existence.]

As we say good-bye to our beloved sister, mother, aunt, wife and friend, a Godly woman to be sure we also say hello to one another. We plant among ourselves memories of coming together on this occasion as though it were a sold oak or maple tree, another root declaring who we are. I cannot tell you in these words, these short paragraphs how coming home all of these years later, pain free really, truly feels.

Many, many years ago I remember wanting to be free of cocaine, free of the lies that I personally inherited [Jeremiah 16:19] I remember wanting my family to know how sorry I was, how horrible that I felt. These days coming home free, sharing freedom with my family, sharing the joy that is my life today with my cousins, my relatives truly is a privilege. Being able to say to my family, "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has allowed me to come home and to represent him with my whole life".
Well, that's the story I was able to share with the new kids, the next generation of our family.

Another one of us is gone now but in my case, she took this knowledge about her nephew, me.... with her.......She saw my life transformed and she knew why and she knew how the renewal of truth happens!

You will be missed Aunt Lola

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