Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Every Christian, EACH and EVERY one?

I have written about this before:

Every Christian, each and every one who challenges what we have been taught for 2000 years [before they become offended]... 
over the course of the last five years of my life that has looked at the original Hebraic construct of Elohim's word all have said...OH MY GOD!

When they look at the Festivals [The Holy One of Israel's Festivals, [never Jewish], when they look at The Holy One of Israel create HIS Calendar [Never Jewish] with the original understanding of who the nation of Israel is, why the nation of Israel is and why Jerusalem is a cup of trembling today the Holy Scriptures begin to unfold and become illuminated in such a way that many simply say, "OH MY GOD!"

Jesus was Jewish for a Kazillion reasons and the Angel told Mary [Mariam] to name him YESHUA/SALVATION on purpose

Their is one person and only one person who insists that the church was created because Israel kept screwing up. This understanding is the heart and soul of Replacement Theology after all, not one covenant was made with Gentiles and all of the promises made concerning Israel are coming to pass. My friend simply cannot see beyond the Gentile church which is no different than what Gentiles have believed for centuries [3800 years for the most part] concerning the Jews. Jews bad, Gentiles good, Old Testament, New Testament. These are all replacement theology concepts from an Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Constantine, Constantinople, British and Western religious interpretation.

Why do they say, "OH MY GOD?" I personally believe it is because God has always returned his people back to the beginning. When he removes the much is restored. Ask Rabbi Shaul [Apostle Paul to the church] He was restored to the Biblical origins not Billy Grahamn....[No offense to the Honorable Billy Grahamn]

Isaiah 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure
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I was sharing with a friend that the book of Revelation is a Yom Kipper service being conducted in the heavenly temple. John was seeing a presentation of Leviticus.Click Here
My friend took the information and studied the book of Leviticus and realized that it was true. He later said, "OH MY GOD!" Prior to this, he was clueless as to what a Yom Kipper service was and so he, like most Christians only know the book of Revelation from an end-time perspective based on a Greek interpretation! Most have no idea that it is a final atonement service with a coronation and wedding ceremony concerning Israel [and those grafted into the promises made to Israel]

Most Christians get offended and defensive when I challenge them. I know why this happens. Much of what we do is centered around emotion as opposed to TORAH and the original, factual Biblical foundations. I know that many of the Orthodox Jews think what I am sharing is nuts but they have been wrong for centuries in many, areas as well....NOT ALL to be sure. [I honor what the Jewish teachers have kept alive. The deity of Yeshua is where we disconnect.]. In Christianity, I have become disconnected with virtually all of the GREEK/Western concepts because I have reconnected our KING to his Jewish and Hebraic, Planned & Purposed revelation. King James was clueless because emperor Constantine, several centuries earlier tossed out the Jewishness of God's holy book and people. Hence Christmas, Easter and several other holidays that replaced God's Holy days or Appointed times. [Leviticus 23, Exodus 12]

As far as the purpose of my writing this post it is simply to say....Many Christians are taking the Gospel back to its original foundation and realizing the Bible is written by Jews , to Jews and the experiences of these Jews are planned, not happenstance including our KING coming as one of them. 

Israel is truly a set apart people and nation. May YEHOVAH have mercy on the Christian who insists that what WE are revealing is offensive. I do not know why I was chosen to return to the Beginning but I was and I continue to be ecstatic in my understanding of the Holy Scriptures...Everyday, I experience confirmation of what God showed to me five years ago. No matter how hard, no matter how rejected, and no matter how many of you I upset...I will keep asking you to return to the Beginning
Black to B'reisheet 
or from darkness back to, "In the beginning"
October 22, 2011: Shabbat Teaching - B'resheet "In the beginning" from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

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