Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cancer You Say?

Well faithful friends and fellow believers, today is the day. Since last week, I have had two different tubes down my  nose with cameras, had four biopsies, been on a road trip, and met with my dear friend Rico Cortes at a conference in Salem Oregon [Hebrew Nation Radio]. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak on the "Salt Covenant." Extraordinary insights as always with Rico.
[Thanks for the advice my good, good friend!] 

What was even more wonderful about seeing him again was his weight loss and overall healthy look. He looked like he was in his twenties! Rico shared with me how he had accomplished such a dramatic improvement. It was all about diet. Raw foods played a huge part in his weight loss, not eating table salt but opting instead for Himalayan Salt (Pink). I am a big fan of good salt, good water etc, etc.

Now Today, I find out if I have a malignancy.....another kitchen sink tossed at my life. I will soon be leaving to go hear news that I most likely do not want to hear. I will keep you posted!

I was told several years ago that when I jumped out of the bleachers and into the fight, the opponent  has a variety of weapons. I have been in a battle on every level ever since.
I left the Sunday Church in order to keep the Sabbath as commanded and begin to see my understanding of the BIBLE illuminated, actually reversed in most every area. This all occurred the day our Elohim spoke to me asking me to learn why the Hebrews exist and why Yeshua was Jewish. Well, who am I to say to Yahweh, "Nah Father, not today?" What has since transpired is beyond words, I keep trying to share nonetheless!

I will stay in this fight until my last breath!

Proper nutrition is a weapon, our failure is not knowing what to eat and how to eat [A failure on my part for sure.] In addition to not knowing how to eat better I am learning just how many things exist on store shelves that are actually killing us! If you use table salt for example, just put a shot gun in its place from now on....they both accomplish the same task! I realize too, that the world system is killing us with water, food and poor nutrition.We go to the Doctors in order receive medication that produces toxins that are killing us too...It's nuts what we don't know!

I was so impressed with Chery Lewis and her extreme weight loss, dramatic health improvement, tossing away the pharmaceuticals that were managing her death and overall transformation well, I am sold on the idea of going raw food for the next 90 days. [Cheryl, I need your constant help and encouragement, thanks for all the info]
Besides, I am in a battle along with several warriors [Rico, Cheryl etc] specifically facing Christianity...You see, I am coming against much of what we have learned from a Christian mindset. [I never come against Christians just what we have been taught or rather how we have been taught!]  

Most of the time unfortunately, fellow Christians do not understand the difference at first. Others simply don't want to. Those who do hear the Father's voice in this hour are transformed....You all know what I am talking about.

This battle is very difficult but when I see fellow believers who are absolutely clueless concerning the first part of the Bible [Hebraically] it insures my anticipation to jump out of bed and get back on the battle field.
Cheryl Lewis is on Facebook
Here is another why I keep going:
I spoke with my cousin and her husband recently in New Jersey. [They Pastor a church.] They are blown away by what they are realizing. It was said to me yesterday that, YOU went to New Jeresy and set off a bomb in their hearts." What I did was place a Bible in both of their hands and begin to show to them what MOST Christians [like myself at one time] CANNOT see in the scriptures because of how we have been taught. I am pleased to know that they are seeing what I have been sharing, ABBA has refocused the light of his TORAH. I am ecstatic to hear this news. You see two weeks before I went back to the East Coast I had a dream that I would be going to do exactly what I did...ABBA sent me and ABBA was with me. Incidentally, the seed was already planted...My cousin and her husband performed a Pesech Seder earlier this year out of curiosity...Yeah, right! [The Ruach is all over my family]

As many of you know, when we come out of a Western mindset of Biblical facts we begin to see the actual vs the interpretive. We begin to see the Hebrew God vs the Roman-Greco creation or Hellenistic template that Christianity teaches from...All of us who have rediscovered the TORAH are now able to see the Gospels or BESORAH with all of the dots connected. Many Christian have no idea...[this is my battle, show them!]

I have to get healthy because fellow believers do not know how critical it is to add to what they know.....In fact, most who do begin to come away from what or rather how we have been taught about our Elohim are simply knocked to their knees, I see it all the time.

I have to keep fighting this battle so...please support me, pray for me and stand with me. Contributions are down and yada, yada, it goes! Abba uses you guys to accomplish what he is doing. I trust him explicitly even as this "kitchen sink" is now tossed at my life. 

To the faithful supporters, I will need a few things to transform my eating habits. I could use your help. The biggest thing I need cost wise is an Omega Juicer. My gosh why do these things cost so much?

On another note
Much is happening in the Middle East..I am in the know personally about a gigantic war that will soon erupt. Please pray for all that is written here and Israel.

Well Abba, respectfully...Git r done, let's roll, I know that you have already secured this battle my Elohim
Thank you Father, thank you!

Shalom...and stay blessed.

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