Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Walking Along Side My Brother

By Cheryl A. Lewis

A few days ago on November 2, 2011 I read an article on Jeff Morton’s blog “Un-coloring Race.” In the article Jeff wrote about something that really caught my attention. He called a familiar mindset with in the black community the “Plantation Nation.”  I won’t go into details about the whole article I will just explain why this one touched a chord in my heart. Black folk do not know this but many know racism, racial injustice and ignorance across a wide spectrum. We need truth to come into our community. We need to join the community that is who our messiah is coming to restore. His feet shall land on the mountains of Israel, not California. So who is Israel, why is Israel reborn and why was He…Jewish?
Even though I’ve only known Jeff for a couple of years I can honestly say we have talked enough for me to say I know his heart. I have read his book, “Un-Coloring Race, Black to B’resheit, and the desire he has to reach those who have come to faith through Christianity but who should also consider understanding TORAH.

Jesus taught TORAH.
John 5:46-47
For if you had trusted Moses, you would also trust me, for he wrote about me.  And if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?”

The Jews were following TORAH not a Christian per say
When I read the article in question it stirred something in me. I posted on Jeff’s Facebook wall and also on his blog that I was behind him 100%. You see, I get it! I am seminary trained, the wife of a Baptist Pastor living in the ghetto so to speak, of Los Angeles, California. I sense ABBA, our Father prompting me to get involved with what Mr. Morton is doing.  I have to get involved, really get involved!  

This thing has really taken  hold and it has been the only thing on my mind since reading the blog. The Father put it on my heart to walk along side Jeff and to do something in the inner city of Los Angeles because like Jeff,  I believe people in the ghettos and the inner city need to know what the Gospel looks like when reconnected to TORAH.  Jesus was Jewish, in my experience within the black churches and black communities most of us have never been taught much about any of the Jewish-ness of scriptures. I understand how the influence of Voodoo and Catholicism as well as Western Christianity moved us away from what the Jewish Disciples were teaching. In fact, in all of my years I cannot ever remember learning about the Hebrew people from any pulpit, anywhere. We were taught that they are the old and we are the new. Seminary is such teaching, trust me on that.

I called Jeff this morning and asked him if I could be his Los Angeles extension of what he is doing. He shared with me the direction that he is asking Abba to confirm. He is formulating conferences with in impoverished communities to share with people in particularly within the, “HOOD” about Un-coloring Race, Black to B’resheit.  He desires to introduce to the “Plantation nation”, Torah and he is wishing all of us to take the Gospel with us to these conferences. After all, our Messiah’s words were recorded in the Gospels. Our King had something to share and we need to honor, our KING! I get this, really I do because many in the churches and those who are not, need to hear that the God of Creation is not a racial God.  

This is not about trying to start something new, because the wheel has already been invented! It is my desire to help Jeff push the wheel in the directions it needs to go. I know that Abba put this on my heart.  Jeff was excited to have the support. He never wavered in what he will tell you that Abba asked him to do in 2009, “Tell my people to Un-Coloring themselves.” Some folks think Jeff Morton is anti church anti Christian….what Jeff is, is obedient. He is from New York originally. I have never heard a New Yorker say anything that ain’t just plain old blunt. I know ya’ll know what I am talking about. It is his heart that I have attached to and it is the heart of YHVY that has me writing this note

There are those with me here in Los Angeles, California waiting to get the wheel rolling. We are asking for prayer and for those in the Los Angeles area who would like to join, let’s come together and find a meeting place. In this day and age, we are watching hell unfold, we have to do something.  How many of you are aching to do something here in the inner cities, that return us to the original word of Elohim?

We know that everyone wants truth. Well, the truth in the inner cities is that the God of creation is not motivated by race but rather love. We need to go back to what HIS love for all of us looks like. I want Jeff to come here and to bring a few of his friends here to Los Angeles. I am proposing that we support what He is trying to do. Actually, I am proposing that we be that support in Los Angeles.

We are also praying that those who can be a financial blessing to Jeff as he plans his first conference and for those of you who are solid believers in Torah with the gift to teach or have good administration skills, contact Jeff.  We all know it takes more than one person to plan a conference.  We all look forward to doing the Father’s will wherever He may leads us.

May YEHOVAH bless you and keep you.

Shalom Alechiem

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