Thursday, November 10, 2011

What are the "Black to Breisheet" conference goals?

The Black to Breisheet Conferences are committed to sharing why the TORAH and the GOSPELS are one. We are planning our first Conference in Los Angeles.

The idea is to present this information in communities like the HOOD, the TRAILER PARK, the RESERVATION, and LATINO Communities. Some of us cannot afford to follow conferences so we want to bring them to you. Obviously cost is an issue but our Abba is COST EFFECTIVE. We are committed to leaving this part of what we hope to do in HIS hands. Please join us in prayer and finances if ABBA puts this on your heart.

When I wrote my book, "Un-Coloring Race, Black to Breisheet" It was in response to the Father informing me that "I did not color any of you in the way you treat one another, UNCOLOR YOURSELVES!"

I did not really understand this abrupt 'Wake me up in the middle of the night conversation!' So much has evolved. Consider, December 2010

December 2010:  Jeff Morton on God's Learning Channel Part 1 from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

Part two

December 2010: Jeff Morton on God's Learning Channel Part 2 from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

Now, it is my belief that Abba is sending me into the depressed areas of our country with a few friends to do just what my book is all about....To tell all of the Kids of the coming Kingdom to Un-Train Pain!

Get out the the DARKNESS and return to the BEGINNING "Black to Breisheet"

Abba uses money that he gives to all of us to do any of this...the ball is in his court.
People from California, New Mexico to New York and other places have contacted me to be a part of this...What this is is a YEHOVAH thing so I am waiting upon him to show to me what to do next.

The Black to Breisheet conferences are not about your ministry, your agenda, your pride...They will be
about HIM and HIS word being restored to its original mindset. My hearts cry is to move as far away from the Messy-Antics that continue to be MESSY!

The conferences will be committed to supporting Israel and sharing why the Church must return to its mandate. The Jews were sent out to the nations to share with all of us what God had commanded them to do. Every time that we open our Bibles we prove this to be the case.

We Gentiles are not a NEW thing but a planned thing grafted into, not on top of ISRAEL We represent what our Creator has always planned.The Church fathers are still, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob . It was started by the Yeshua as a result of Elohim and re instituted in the desert [Jacobs kids represent the nation of Israel before they became a nation] with Moses.The Apostle Paul [Rabbi Shaul] 1500 +years later was commissioned to do the same with Gentiles. We are all waiting for the Jews to fulfill their mandate. In 1948 this part of the plan was begun. The Conferences want to share why we need to return to this understanding, return to the beginning.

Grafting all of us back n to what Moses was doing when he, through the work of the Messiah re-assembled the House of Israel in the desert.  
In the beginning was the WORD...and the WORD has not changed!

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